Wrost Customer Service - Outsourced to the Philippines - REALLY...


    Terrible customer service outsourced to the Philippines. T-Mobile customer service is uneducated and cant speak English properly.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Sorry to hear you've had such a tough time but we do want to make sure you get the help you need. Is there something specific you had a question about or a problem we can try to resolve for you? Please let us know.

        • drnewcomb2

          I've also had issues since Customer Service was offshored. The reps, wherever they are, have strong accents, which might not be an issue face-to-face (I have a lot of experience with strong foreign accents) but can cause misunderstandings on the phone. They also seem to be unable to solve many problems and the wait time to get a rep who does have the authority to solve problems can be inordinately long. I've been around long enough to remember when VoiceStream's first-line CSRs could solve just about any problem, up to and including those that have to be referred to Tech Support today.

          • dragon1562

            I recommend using social media in the future to avoid the issue of accents. I personally have no issue understanding most reps but  I may be in the minority. You can message the T-force team on Facebook/Twitter.

            • brianmc86

              My issue isn't with their accents, but the fact that I know more about the terms and conditions of T-Mobile's rebates/promotions than they do, and that if I didn't do my homework ahead of time I would be mislead into making decisions that would not benefit me.


              When I called in today asking about the status of my LG V30 order (over a week and still hasn't shipped) and inquired about the BOGO offer that came with it, the CS rep continued to "guarantee" and "assure" me that my LG V30 BOGO offer was in the form of a rebate. Even when I corrected him twice and mentioned that the website had no mention of a rebate card, that the website specifically states it's in the form of bill credits over 24 months, he would again "assure" and "guarantee" me that it's a rebate card. He even offered to email me the specifics of the LG BOGO terms that I got, but once I opened my email I saw it was for an iPhone BOGO. At no time in our conversation was the word "iPhone" ever mentioned. Even though they work for T-Mobile and have access to T-Mobile's deals and accounts, they still provide inaccurate information that people rely on. I still don't know what's going on with my purchase or whether I can get the phone in time to get LG's free minibeam projector in time (March 31 is the deadline to submit for it, but I need the phone in hand first).

              • sfcpurcell

                I agree. T-Mobile has the absolute worst customer service imaginable. I’m still attempting to

                correct errors done by the representative who opened our business account in November and all I get is lies and excuse.

                • tmo_mike_c

                  If the core issue is to correct any account errors, that's completely understandable. I wish you got a better customer service experience however it's super important to look at giving our folks in T-Force for example a chance to make things right. I do understand it doesn't make up for what happened in the past, but we want to make sure your account is taken care of and issue get resolved. So please give our T-Force team a shot at helping.

                  • wolfmanjennings

                    I guess it depends on where you live and the state because I am in texas and I always get an american customer service rep