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    I signed up with T-mobile the last week of February.  One week later, I received a notification that to be part of the Apple BOGO offer I needed to send in my trade-in in and another email with my trade-in due date.  When I accessed my T-mobile account, I did not see anything about returning my phone or a printing a shipping label.  I did call T-mobile customer service a week after receiving the phones and was provided a shipping label to NRC 13704 Independence Parkway Fort Worth, Tx and no further instructions.  At the bottom of that shipping label I see a description of Electronic Equipment Return Service.  I packed my phone with only a copy of the email I had gotten from T-mobile confirming my trade-in amount and account phone number. When I checked the tracking number, I see that it reached that warehouse on 3/8.  However, I did not see a change in my trade-in status.  Then on 3/10, I did notice that now in My T-mobile it now has instructions and link to the shipping label.  This shipping label is to Assurant @ 627 Willow Spring Lane, Ste A.  York, PA.  It also has a RMA # and barcode which were not included with my shipment.  My question is my phone at the correct location?  It appears that the Customer Service rep had me ship it to the returns location instead of the trade-in location..  If it is not at the correct location, will T-mobile get it there to provide me my trade in and rebate?  Will I eventually get my trade-in value and rebate?  As I look at other post on this form I am freaked out because it seems that T-mobile has a history of rejecting rebates over things like this.  Since I have 12 days till my trade-in is do, I want to make sure that if there is anything I can do to make sure I can do to get this rebate and trade-in value.

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        Oh, yikes, starman1975! I am glad that you reached out here. The NRC isn't the appropriate return center for trade-in devices, but our internal teams do have an escalation process they can use to return a device sent to the return center (the NRC) instead of the Assurant warehouse where trade-in equipment should go (with the label you found in MyTMO). We'll need any tracking information you have for the package you did send, and the IMEI of the phone you were trading in (which should be on that RMA label so you don't have to hunt for it!). If calling in isn't the easiest for you, I highly recommend working with our T-Force team -- they're the social media support team on Twitter and Facebook, and can securely verify your account and get this escalation filed for you! We don't want you to lose your BOGO, and these things happen. It's awesome that you noticed the label so quickly and reached out!