Slow data/congested tower

    I am a MetroPCS customer. MetroPCS customer service is out of the country, and horrid, and they think that sounding super cheerful to the point of spilling out of their mouth is great. It's actually sickening. Nobody is willing to help me with slow internet (very slow... <1 Mbps during most of the day). I've been told all they do is contact "Net Care", which they say is TMobile. Even their "supervisors" refuse to acknowledge technical issues. I need help. My phone, and my mom's phone are constantly locked into a bad/contested/compromised tower on band 4 per the LTE Discovery app. She has a new Galaxy J7 2017.


    My phone is Nexus 6P Android 8.1, and playing with turning the radio off and on has allowed me to discover the bad/congested/abused tower, and the better performing one. However, the connection always switches from the better tower to the bad tower after at most 5 minutes. Often much sooner. The first is the "compromised" tower (CID 14fa203/21996). The second is the better performing tower (CID 152ed06/22211) that I cannot stay connected to for any extended period of time. Obviously it is impractical to be constantly flipping the airplane mode switch. Again, I've never had slow internet to the point of near-nonexistence before at my home location.

    MetroPCS claims the engineers "found nothing wrong". I completely understand, again, being 2nd fiddle to the TMobile customers. But this is obscene. Congestion time range shouldn't be from sun-up to after 9pm.


    I will also note that I usually observe an average of -106dBm signal strength. Sometimes it gets as strong as -96dBm on the better tower, but it doesn't maintain for long before the connection jumps to the bad tower. Usually when I'm away from home, speedtest results in excess of 20Mbps - the "turbo" range.


    Of interest to note: my brother is an actual TMO customer. Same phone. His phone also connects to the "compromised" tower and his speedtest app result was less than 3Mbps down.

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      • dragon1562

        Re: Slow data/congested tower

        If congestion is a issue the only thing you can do is call in and file a service ticket. You could try getting a signal booster to see if it can repeat the non congested towers service into your house and thus force the phone to stay connected to it. You can also try turning off band 4 on the nexus 6p but that may requrie root access. Does the non congested site use band 4 as well? Also is the cell service faster if you were to step outside, if so the booster may also help with the normal congested site.


            Re: Slow data/congested tower

            Replied via email. Apparently didn't go through. The attachment shows the latest speedtest result yesterday eveningScreenshot_20180312-204306.jpg. This is now. This is unacceptable and worse than congestion. Service tickets through MetroPCS are useless as I've had 3 or 4 opened resulting in the same thing: nothing wrong. Does that screenshot look like there's nothing wrong? Google disabled the #* code on the Nexus 6P so that I can force band 2 or 12. Rooting is out of the question. Being inside or outside is the same. The better tower also shows as band 4. The better tower gives me better signal quality so why being stuck to one cell when I'm seemingly in equidistant range of 4 of them? The only thing I can think of interfering with full signal are the residential power lines overhead in the alley.

              • tmo_lauren

                Re: Slow data/congested tower

                I wish I could offer more info for you, but since we operate independently and totally separate from Metro, I would be lying if I said I knew much about their policies or troubleshooting steps.


                You mentioned your brother is a T-Mobile customer and also has issues. I would suggest having him file a ticket with us if possible. We certainly get those looked at and so I can speak to that being a valid course of action.



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              • magenta4598934

                Re: Slow data/congested tower

                I should not need a signal booster,  I do not have prepaid service.  Verizon said my phone is fine and my data is hardly used.   I should not have this problem.  Slow phone and freezes at times.   I had better service with Straight Talk and that was on limited towers.  I can see it if I had a prepaid limited access phone BUT I DON'T.