I have a cellphone on my line where the leasing is up, so they billed me for the phone. I called customer care and paid the small fee to have it broken up into monthly payments. One rep told me dont pay my bill until everything has been reverse. The second rep told me dont pay nothing until it has been reverse and he also stated because it was ya'll fault that i would only have to pay one month bill. I called today to see what was going on its been over a month now and bill hasnt changed the 3 rep told me to pay February bill and pay march bill on the 19th even though my account hasnt been resolved yet. My question is what do I do? Im so confused And frustrated!!!!!!!!!

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        Sorry there is so much going on! That's no good! I would suggest reaching out to T-Force and having them confirm the best course of action. We're no table to access your account via the support site, but they can get you in the right direction! Contact Us