Tmo Employees ERASED my Contacts and charged me $27


    Wife got me a new phone with different sized SIM card: Went to local TMo Corporate store to get new SIM and install my phone number on it. Charged about $27.  They LOST my Contacts. What should I do?

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      • magenta4351853

        Usually the $26.94 is to activate the new Sim, so I am thinking that your contacts were maybe saved on the old sim and maybe they didn’t know about it. I advise you to put in the old SIM card just in case. Or try to see if you saved them on your google account. Some people save their contacts on their SIM card not knowing that SIM card sometimes is disposable. I hope you get your contacts back.

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        • gramps28

          Have you signed into your Gmail account and synced it?

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          • tmo_marissa

            Hey, magenta55. Getting a new phone should be awesome -- this doesn't sound like the ideal scenario at all. What kind of phone were you using, and what new phone did you switch to?

            • tmo_marissa

              Hey there! Just wanted to check in with you and see if you'd been able to solve this. If you're looking for steps, we'd just need to know what sort of device you had and what you switched to so that we can make suggestions! I know with older devices, things can get a bit tricky, but switching from Android to Apple or the other way around there are often steps we can offer that will help.

                • magenta55

                  Thanks to all who reached out. No I don't have contacts saved on Gmail. Last time I checked, contacts were backed up here, at the TMo website somewhere. I never received notice that would change. The phone's involved? Cheap, old fashioned cell phones. (dumb) phones. I'm quite sure the contacts were somehow erased. They were switching the sim cards, and plugging the phones into a tablet machine, and then the store computers to swap the contacts, and then trying different sim cards, when suddenly Janelle, one of the women helping me, said, "I only see TWO contacts listed in here." (Neither of which, I think, were actually from MY cell phone.) Just a bad situation. The kind of thing you don't want to keep reliving. I think I'll write a letter to the TMo complaint address, listed somewhere on the website.