Gogo login for non authorized users


    Need to know the steps to use Gogo inflight offer for tmobile family members which are not the authorized user on the account. How can they login?

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        Re: Gogo login for non authorized users

        Carlos: Welcome to Gogo. My name is Carlos .
        Carlos: Hello Guruprasad. I will help you so that you can connect with t-mobile

        Carlos: Tell me more about what happened.
        Guruprasad Khadke: I have tmobile family plan and few of my members are not an authorized user for my tmobile account login. So how can they login to Gogo

        Carlos: The promotion with t-mobile can be accessed if they have a phone and number of their own.
        Guruprasad Khadke: They are using tmobile one plan line only, they are just not authorized to login into my tmobile account

        Guruprasad Khadke: i am the admin for them
        Guruprasad Khadke: So how they can connect with their number

        Carlos: The problem is that the access for t-mobile can only be done using a separate phone and number.
        Carlos: And would need to use this link:


        Guruprasad Khadke: i mean to say, they have their own tmobile number

        Carlos: Though like to know on what airline are you on right now.
        Guruprasad Khadke: my family members will be using soon.

        Guruprasad Khadke: i didn't used it before, so i just wanted to make sure we have all the info to connect
        Carlos: In that case, normally to use promotion they need to connect to network on phone once once on air.

        Once connected then would need to go you portal page were there is an option for t-mobile hour. Clicking on it takes you to a verification page then in which need to enter number and captcha so can start session.

        Carlos: I will give you all information you need and previous steps I mention will help them so can connect to t-mobile once they are on air.
        Guruprasad Khadke: so portal page will open automatically right or i have to open the browser.

        Carlos: Have to open a browser.
        Guruprasad Khadke: cool thank you

        Carlos: Once they open browser it will take them automatically to our portal page




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          Re: Gogo login for non authorized users

          Trip is planned next week. So I will post an update here based on the outcome