Iphone8 not receiving sms/mms


    Okay, so I recently switched from AT&T (WORST DECISION EVER) this is why... I am in a group message with four others (2 apple 3 android) one day a couple months ago i did not receive any messages from the group; but since its a work group, they were getting messages and carrying on with their day. I checked all my settings, network, wifi, updates and I reset my phone, etc. I still did not receive messages. I asked one of my buddies to message me, i got his SMS and i got my other buddies Imessage.


    I went to apple the next day. Told them as above, its important to note that i was not receiving droid or imessage but was able to get them separately. I asked the group to message me while at the store, which they did and i still could not receive messages. The apple folks said to backup the phone and factory reset. which I did and my phone started going off and getting all the messages. It worked for a while then it did it again. I went back a week later and got a whole new phone. Then worked for a while, since then its been hit and miss. I went to a tmobile store where they "made me feel like i was getting a deal when they swapped out my sim card" then they blamed apple. Once i told them i went there first she never brought it up again. My phone seemed to be okay, then the issue started happening again. At this point I am done with tmobile.


    Yesterday, my dad sent me a photo (not on group message) and i was not able to get them. Also in addition i was not getting any group messages. I restarted my phone and it opened the flood gates. Now, this morning like 30 minutes ago, I asked a buddy in the group who sent the last message (my phone showed me as the last sent) and i was missing 4 responses. A co-worker sent me a photo which i was waiting a long period of time for as well. I restarted my phone and bam i got the messages.


    Nothing in the settings has changed from the last time. Anyone have any thoughts?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Iphone8 not receiving sms/mms

        Seems like there could be something going on with your data connection if regular texts are working consistently without a problem. Do you see your phone having trouble using data at all? Have you tested on Wi-Fi to see if your group messages go through at all? We don't want you to leave the T-Mobile family so I do hope you'll give us another shot at trying to fix this for you.

        • tmo_chris

          Re: Iphone8 not receiving sms/mms

          Just checking in here to see how things are going. Since restarting/resetting your phone seems to open the flood gates of messages, it almost feels like a software/phone related issue. The best way to tell this is to test out your data and voice services when you notice that you did not get a group message you were waiting for. If you are able to browse the web and make calls, then there is nothing wrong with the network. If it is something wrong with the SW or the phone itself and you have already reset factory reset the phone, we will need to start looking into replacement options for the phone itself.

          • dragon1562

            Re: Iphone8 not receiving sms/mms

            Its most likely not the network and a issue with the software of the device. If it is getting resolved by simple resets like you mentioned. My guess is that the device is looking to receive the messages as a Imessage instead of a standard text and thus you never receive until it resets. If any of the android users previously had iphones and never deactivated the phone number from being associated with Icloud stuff like that happens. Honestly, I avoid stand SMS and MMS for this reason. Its a old technology that is less reliable than other means like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and etc. It would be nice if all the carriers supported universal RCS which would allow for larger files to be sent, read receipts and etc. Basically all the features you love about I message.


            Instead of restarting the phone you should try popping it into and out of airplane mode. I am curious if this will yield a similar result.