I am really upset that I was lied to. I left ATT for t mobile because t mobile ( Jeremy,  a customer rep at store 571D) said if we switched we can get a Bogo deal. We got 2 Samsung Note which is one of the BOGO qualified phones and  purchase 2 more of the low end phones for my 2 children which is a total balance of $2056.76 after the $725 that we put down.

    I really hate doing Rebates because most of the time you will never get it back and so I was glad when we were told that TMobile customer rep will send all the Rebate themselves, this way I was thinking that it will be really come to us since TMobile is a big company now and will not want to ruin its good name. WRONG WRONG WRONG.

    After waiting 7 weeks weeks and no Rebate, I decided to check on the status of our Rebate on the website, and found out that ours is still waiting and pending for it to be process. I called costumer service to find out that I need to send in a phone as part of the  trade. First, the rep at the store never told us about a trade when we got our phone, not only that, but the trade should be of specific model and brand. Well, I told customer service that I do not have  the phone they want for trade and they told me that my rebate will get denied without a trade. This is very frustrating to me, It seems like we are being punish for a mistake we did not do. If trade was needed  with the BOGO at the time when we first got our phone, then why did the representative never mention it to us  so we could have given them our phone that we have at the time? And if the phone that we have never met the qualified ones for trade, we would have stayed with our provider. We were mislead and upon searching on their FAQ, I learned that we were not the only one with the same issue. Lucky for one complainant, she got offered $650 for her TMobile bills.  At this point, I will report TMobile to BBB for this unfair trade practice.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Rebates

        Hey, magenta4344271. I'm so sorry to read this account of your first experience with us -- I don't blame you for being upset. It's true that the recently expired Q1 Samsung BOGO required a trade-in -- I can't imagine how we overlooked this requirement when we discussed the promotion with you.
        It sounds like you ultimately learned about this requirement by contacting us over the phone. Were you working with our Care team, or the promotion team? I checked the internal documentation for this particular promotion, and it looks like there may be some escalation processes we could employ here under the right circumstances. Although I'm not sure if the option is available now that the promotion window has expired, it definitely merits a review!
        If you're active on social media, I would strongly recommend working with our T-Force team on Twitter or Facebook. In those channels we're able to securely verify your account and take a look -- if there are any options to resolve this that we haven't explored, it's worth it! I know you've mentioned using another method to reach out for assistance, but we always like to encourage giving our front line teams an opportunity to assist -- they have tons of tools at their disposal to help!
        Either way, thank you for taking the time to post here about this promotion situation. It's valuable feedback -- we need to be absolutely sure we're reviewing all requirements up front. We appreciate the time you've taken to share your concerns and we'll forward them on.