Handset not compatible with LTE Signal Booster?


    I have recently switched to T Mobile from Verizon and am still using my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7. I have poor cell signal at my house with T Mobile so they sent me the 4G LTE Signal Booster. Setup was a breeze and once it was up and running I was getting 3-4 bars of coverage where I previously had 0. The only problem is I cannot successfully make a phone call. It will not ring and will either hang up or say "cannot complete as dialed."


    I've spoken with several different customer service reps who could check the status of both the booster unit and my phone and assured me it should it should be working.


    I've tried unplugging & replugging both units several times & moving them within various distances of one another and turning my phone on & off. Now I'm just wondering if they were ever compatible in the first place or if I need a T Mobile phone for this to work. When I have T Mobile coverage elsewhere, calls work just fine.

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      • mdew1

        Re: Handset not compatible with LTE Signal Booster?

        After 4 days I've decided to terminate my service with T-Mobile. I was on the customer service line again and their only solution was to send another signal booster (the same model). They assured me multiple times that that particular model of signal booster should be compatible with a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7, because it supports all frequency bandwidths that it operates.


        Upon checking my T-Mobile account online I was shocked to discover they were actually trying to bill me $75 for the month! I never actually signed up for a plan, they just gave me a SIM card to try in my phone and activated it so I could try to get it to work. Since then I have had little to no coverage at home and the only talk time I had was the combined hours I was on hold with customer service. I went into my local store again and they seemed adamant that the signal booster was working fine and that it was simply the fact that I didn't have a T-Mobile phone. They were very sympathetic and offered to let me try a T-Mobile phone at discounted rate, but giving up my brand-new S7 that I just paid off is not an option unfortunately.


        With little time left to deal with this, I had no option left but to cancel the service. I am just baffled that something so seemingly simple is so incredibly difficult to figure out. Maybe I'll check back later when T-Mobile has expanded coverage but right now I'm afraid Verizon has me by the cajones. To twist the knife a little more, T-Mobile forced me to pay $10 for the 4 days I had "service" with them. Really? When all of that talk time was spent troubleshooting your problems on hold with your incompetent customer service? Good. Riddance.

          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Handset not compatible with LTE Signal Booster?

            Oh man. I'm really sorry we couldn't keep you as a customer. Ideally if the device has supported frequencies, it'll work but unfortunately we can't always guarantee that. My apologies if we didn't explain that initially when you made the switch. It does look like you've done what you can to get this device to work. I'm bummed we lost your business especially after all you've been through and I do hope someday we can earn it back. For what it's worth, I do appreciate you coming here and telling us your story on how we can do better.

            • dragon1562

              I wish I could of saw this post sooner since I am sure it was simple fix. I am also glad as fellow customer to see that you shared your story here.

                • magenta5101762

                  I have the same issue with my Huawei phone. It supports all the T-mobile bands except 66 & 71, so that means I have bands 2, 4, 5, & 12 to work with. However, even though I have full bars of working data/LTE, it won't complete a call and incoming calls go right to voicemail without ringing. Customer service/tech support has not a clue and only says I need to get a "T-mobile" phone. I have another phone that 'does' work and my signal is way better than AT&T, which I just dumped, but it's frustrating to not have use of my beautiful Mate 7, except as a paper weight.