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    My bill is WAY past due to me not working. Is there a way top "pause" or "freeze" my billing so I can get back up?

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      • jayfromtelesales

        Re: pause my account

        We completely understand you.

        If this is a Post-paid account, you can always set up a payment arrangement to not lose service! You can do so by calling 611 from your T-Mobile phone and asking customer care for a payment arrangement or right from MyTMobile app on your mobile device.

        If you do not wish to do a payment arrangement, you can still call 611 and let them know you'd like to suspend your service temporarily.


        Hope this helps (:

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: pause my account

          Hey, magenta4337865! I just wanted to check in and echo the advice above -- we'd like to see what we can work out, we'll just need you to Contact Us. While there isn't a way to pause or freeze billing, if you're not actively using your service, you may be able to temporarily suspend it for a reduced cost (the billing impact will vary depending on how many lines you have/are suspending). We also have payment arrangement options we may be able to leverage to give you some additional time to get caught up, although regular charges will still continue to accrue while you're using service. If you haven't already, please reach out for help ASAP! Thank you for posting, sending you good vibes for an improved situation!