4G LTE CellSpot V1 or V2 for a business (Gym)


    I am curious if someone can help with a question have regarding CellSpot V1 or V2.  I attend a gym that has terrible, terrible T-Mobile coverage.  My workplace which has a contract with T-Mobile Business which also had terrible service spots recently added several CellSpots (V1) in notorious bad areas and service drastically improved! With that being said, can T-Mobile partner up with a company to benefit their customers for both parties? In my case it 24 Hour Fitness.  Any idea of cost if any (hopefully not) and requirements or anything that might help? Even if someone refers me to someone that might know or point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

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      • tmo_chris

        I totally understand the importance of having reliable coverage no matter where you are and if you are getting bad coverage while in the Gym, that could make your exercise routine pretty boring without music or video streaming. In order to get a cellspot there, the owners of the Gym would need to have a T-Mobile account and they would need to contact us and have one added to their account.