New HTC 10 US Unlocked no 4g/LTE


    So I just got this phone. I can call and text fine as it connects to the 2g/edge bands but it refuses to connect to 3g, 4g and LTE. I have tried various apn settings from the T-Mobile HTC 10 support page to other users apn settings and the default one. They all just connect to 2g. I have the settings on GSM, WCDMA, LTE, Auto. The phones hidden menu also has it set to GSM, WCDMA, LTE Auto. I do get Wi-Fi calling but it'll occasionally get a connection error. In the About>Network it says the network is on IWLAN and signal strength is at -99dbm 7 asu


    I did see a glimpse of 4g but it crapped out after a min an dove back to 2g.


    What else can I try? This is a US LTE capable phone, not the International version, already verified.


    The phone is the HTC 10 2PS650000

    Android 7.0 Software: 2.51.617.1

    T-Mobile Simple choice unlimited plan

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