S7 Edge (formally from Verizon) Missing Calls and No MMS


    Hi, so I previously had a S7 Edge (TMobile locked) that worked flawlessly on the network. That phone unfortunately met a fatal end and I needed to replace it. I got the exact same phone, except this time it was an unlocked phone, with Verizon previously loaded on it. I took it in to a Tmobile store and had all of the APN settings updated and I have checked them many times to those listed here on this website, and they are correct, however I am experiencing a large amount of missed calls. The missed calls never show up in my call log and these occur even when I have a good signal. This is also sporadic, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but as of late it mostly doesn't (seems to be getting worse). Also, at times text messages will appear up to an hour after someone sent them to me. I would enable wifi calling but Verizon setting applications are still locked onto this phone and it cannot be activated unless I have their "HD Calling" service, which I obviously don't as I'm not even using their network.


    I also can neither send nor receive any pictures on the phone (to be specific, I can see that people have sent me a picture but I can not download it/see it). I have tried multiple third party texting apps but to no avail.


    If I were to guess, I would assume the issues are arising because of some kind of conflict going on with the Verizon junk still stuck on this phone but I am at a loss as to how to remedy that. Any ideas?

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