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Tmobile data meter running 10 times fast


    Hello have had T-mobile data for any years. All of a sudden in the last few days every time I use INTERNET sharing Data sense says I used about 10 times more data than was used. I almost never use even close to my limit and in just a few days I maxed out my data use. Just today data sense said I had 400mb left and about 10 minutes later I got am over the data limit message. Well I had only used 42mb and had been using 200mb max daily, usually far less with only 5 days or so use. If my data sense meter was speedometer it would say I was going 100mph in parking lot while I was going 10, which actually did happen to me. Once a cop pulled into parking lot a gave me a ticket for going 90 in a 30, well I was sitting still in a parking lot and had no gone over 5mph or so. I feel like T-mobile is giving me a speeding ticket in  parking lot.


    I track all my data use receiving and sending and there is only one connected device

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey there! Are you using your phone as a hotspot? If so, what specifically is "Data sense". Also, what kind of phone are you using?

          • magenta4322771

            Hi, yes I'm using the phone as a hotspot, data sense logs the data use on Windows phones. I have a Nokia 521 Windows 8.1 phone, thanks for the reply.


            I have been using this phone with the service for several years and the data use according to T-mobile suddenly skyrocketed but the data use on my computer has not changed. Some days I use 20-40 mb some days up to 200. I don't do updates on this connection so there is no issue there.


            Somehow with 1 device connected, the T-mobile data use is about  10X and data sense on the phone matches the reported T-mobile data use, but I am not sure if data sense lags data use of device or just pings T-mobile to sync with their servers. If data sense logs the device use than that is really bizarre since the data is not getting sent to or from my computer and there is only one device connected, so I would have to strongly suspect something unusual is happening with T-mobile server. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with anything but I used this phone in Wisconsin and it turned into an AT&T network phone, but I only got voice no data. At first I thought I went crazy or someone was playing a joke since I have a black case for my AT&T Nokia and a White case for my T-mobile Nokia 521 so I don't get them mixed up while grabbing them quickly, but sure enough I turned on the AT&T phone and it had an AT&T icon also, T-mobile rep later told me that is normal. I almost never even come close to using up my phone data since I have an unlimited modem, for updates, downloads, video etc. so I just switch to that for heavy data use.

              • dragon1562

                Is it possible that something was going on in the background that you just didn't notice on the PC? Computers are pretty data heavy despite what people may think as they are loading full, heavy, desktop sites and not their mobile version counterpart. There are also a ton of background apps that occur on a PC vs a mobile phone.

                  • magenta4322771

                    Thanks for the response, No because I'm tracking my data use and there is a firewall ip log telling what's connected at what times.


                    Both data sense and T-mobile recorded 400mb data use when I used 42mb. This all caught me by surprise since I check my data use several times a day on the computer and regularly, every few days check data sense. I did not have a chance to check data sense until I got a message from T-mobile that I was near my limit with 2.6 GB and 10 minutes or so later with just 42mb use I got another message from T-mobile I was 9mb over the limit and Data sense showed 3 GB. I should have had about 500-700mb data use max when I got the near the limit message.

                      • tmo_chris

                        I think we are going to need to get a support ticket opened up for this issue so that our engineers can take a look at what is happening. If you have a moment, please contact us so our tech support teams can get the ball rolling on this.

                          • nelfar212

                            Re: Tmobile data meter running 10 times fast

                            This has been an ongoing issue as well, and I'm getting tired of being told to suck it up basically. I realize we consume tons of data these days, and ISP's (which TMO is one) have adjusted their marketing strategies to "cash in" so to speak. I track my data usage meticulously, and It seems like the system decides to take a nose dive towards the end of the month. I'm getting pretty fed up with being offered no solutions but to switch to TMO one and upgrade to highest tier which I'm not going to do. This can be easily resolved if the Tech support would be allowed to reset data as they have been in the past. If this isn't resolved soon Ill be forced to drop 4 of my 8 lines and use the savings to put in the cable company's pocket vs.TMO.      

                              • tmo_chris

                                Re: Tmobile data meter running 10 times fast

                                Hey nelfar212


                                The data usage recorded is only going to be what your SIM card requests from the network. If you feel that data usage is not correct, we will definitely want to look into this with you. Switching to an unlimited plan would alleviate the worry of hitting a high-speed data cap but it is not necessary unless the data usage is correct and you frequently go over. 

                                  • nelfar212

                                    Re: Tmobile data meter running 10 times fast

                                    There is no way to tell on my end, because the data useage doesnt differentiate between hotspot and smartphone data useage. Also tmo has network optimizaion systems in place to control the quality of web pages and video streaming this is done to assist with conserving data useage on our end and not to bogged down tmo's network on your end. So the problem if TMO network optimization system takes a dive the same exact activity would consume more data. Hince the problem. I only use Netflix, hulu, and you tube.

                                      • tmo_chris

                                        Re: Tmobile data meter running 10 times fast

                                        We have the ability to see tethering usage and regular usage. If there is something that is not adding up on our side we will definitely look into it but we would need to know what you are seeing to compare it.

                                          • nelfar212

                                            Re: Tmobile data meter running 10 times fast

                                            Correct TMO can, I've been told several times isn't not a whole lot they can do because the TOS stipulate the "Binge on" features "may or may" not work with Smart TV's, Streaming sticks, and or gaming consoles. Now don't get me wrong I'm grateful to the generous allowances TMO does provide, My issue is prior to changing plans to Simple Choice family match promo, I was on TMO loyalty plan and had unlimited hotspot just on my line, The Simple Choice plan was offered as a cost savings and provided a better value which is does, but conveniently they left out the downside of Binge on and the limitations on the 14gb hotspot. 

                                          • barcodeable

                                            Re: Tmobile data meter running 10 times fast

                                            I can view my usage (phone data and hotspot usage) using the tmobile app.




                            • magenta5891301

                              My data meter has also accelerated - at least 10-fold, possibly more like 100.

                              I have been using T-mobile hot spot for 4 years with 10 G-byte/month plan, typically using 1-2 G/month.

                              In July, when my plan renewed, my 10 Gbytes was used in 2 days. I was on vacation, using much less data and almost no hot spot. I wasn't metering to prove no change.

                              My plan renewed in August. 7 Gbyte disappeared in about 3 hr of use as hot spot, doing email, some internet searches, and background drop box updates. No big downloads. Drop box lists files updated - nothing substantial.


                              I've called tech support twice. They just say I have used the data and there is nothing they can do.


                              I'm ready to change carriers.

                              • breakpoint

                                Same here.  Started this month I got message telling me that I am max out of my 10gb.  I then checked my last 2 months and noticed it had been increasing 1-2 gb in the last 2 billing cycle.  I checked my annual usage and is usually 5-6 gb a month I used.  I mostly on Youtube playing music video and that should not count against my data.  I called Tmo and got connected to their 3rd party contractor outside the country.  He confirmed that I was mostly on Youtube and he argued that YouTube is excluded and would count against my data.  I went to a Tmo store the same week and the manager has no clue to why I was max out and confirmed that Youtube should not count against my data.  He went over my account to make sure the Binge On is turned on.   He then just offered me to pay more for an unlimited plan which didnt solve their problem.  I called Tmo again and this time connected to a local who was super rude and arrogant.  The phrase “YOU DID NOT ANSWER MY QUESTION“ should never be used in a customer service environment; I was not there to be interrogated.  I repeated myself twice to the phone rep that the Tmo manager at the store did confirm my Binge On had been turned on.  Lastly, this phone rep name Yen transferred my to theit tech support rep who started off with, “ARE YOU CALLING TO DISPUTE YOUR DATA USAGE”.  I was not calling to dispute, I was calling to find an answer for a glitch somewhere in the system.  This arrogant rep then on the defensive mode assured that their system would not be wrong.  Lastly, I questioned him about what my data usage was mostly on and he said he‘s unable to find out for me because of legal/privacy issue.  I told him the first call I made and their rep was able to tell me that my data was mostly being consumed by Youtube.  I am so confused to what is right/wrong and I hope someday Tmo will find their fault.  Someday, someone will get their attention through a class action lawsuit.

                                • barcodeable

                                  If your BingeOn was activated.... and you only use Youtube.... and a T-Mobile Rep confirmed it.....  i would guess its a few things that may be the issue.


                                  1. Your video is supposed to automatically play at DVD Quality.... but apparently this is not occurring... so adjust the youtube video manually to be positive of the video quality.


                                  2. Another thing a TMO-Rep on this forum explained to me that is tucked away in one line of the fineprint of the BingeOn information is.... the commercials will count against your data. So if you are watching a High Definition “Commercial“ that will eat up your 10GB’s really quickly. As i stated... i was unaware of this fact... but i used to watch MLB games and that streaming MLB games frpm their app is covered under BINGEon... but the commercials were draining my data.


                                  The awesome thing i noticed.... with some streams i watch on some of the BingeOn participants... the screen goes blank when they show commercials. Not sure how much data it cost me to listen to commercials, but i know its less than viewing it.

                                  • barcodeable

                                    MLB At Bat app still using my monthly high speed data allotment

                                    this link may be helpful.... although the subject is the MLB AT bat app.... it also applies to all of the BingeOn streaming partners.


                                    Hopefully, this is the information that can be of some use to you.

                                    • dyq2019

                                      Re: Tmobile data meter running 10 times fast

                                      I got stuck into the same ridiculous situation by simply activating a new mobile internet sim card. As soon as I activated my sim card and started the chrome browser to access, my data usage in my t-mobile account showed 2.99GB of data used. I called customer service who transferred me to tech support, and what they told me was that I used that much data and there was nothing they could do. The tech support staff simply could not answer the question how did I used up 2.99GB of data by just activating my sim card.

                                      • ceasar100

                                        Re: Tmobile data meter running 10 times fast

                                        I am currently blowing through massive amounts of data and hot spot service simply by streaming Netflix??  Never been a thing for 4 years, we've used the basic 10gigs per month. Now suddenly in 4 days we used up all 10 gigs.


                                        This happened to us on my phone and my husbands about a year ago, but we figured out that our Youtube apps were running in the background...  Fixed, no big deal.  So NOW obviously I keep all my phones apps under control (don't even have that many) and then my billing cycle starts 5 days ago... and here we are again?  However this time, I believe it may be Netflix, I'm not sure. We updated our PS4 console, where we watch everything on,  about 10days ago, the update was due.  I just don't recall this ever being a problem before.  We've always had success at streaming all of our programs like Netflix and Amazon WITHOUT EVER going over about EIGHT Gigs per month... and that's on the High End!  Now suddenly TMobile support can't help?  They say "that's what you are using... so we can't do anything more"  But I truly don't understand how it all changed so rapidly.  I had used up 10 gigs in the last couple of days, just inside of my new billing cycle, then yesterday I get home and we decide to Stream some dumb show on netflix and BOOM, I go through EIGHT Gigs in like 2 hours???


                                        I have called Netflix and they hadn't heard of this before, as being a problem. But they told me to go change the Quality of video stream under Playback settings.  It was set to "High HD Quality" ...which btw, would use approx THREE Gigs per hour!!?   AND, he told me that it looks like I've been on that same plan now for years....  So HOW then, have I been streaming all these years on a HotSpot and only utilizing approx FIVE gigs per month?


                                        Any help or similar stories would be appreciated here. I'll start a new discussion but saw this one and wanted to interject since it was so recent.