Can't anyone to resolve problems!


    HELP. I have been screwed by T mobile, I have spent over 184 minutes of calls to try to resolve call issues, along with 14 transfers to different techs to help me.. I was not receiving incoming calls for 4 weeks, and T Mobile refuses to adjust my bill. I was also supposed to get my old Verizon balance paid off, when I again contacted T Mobile about this I was told 3 times a representive would get back to me...which has not happened.  Then I read my phone does not qualify for pay off ,although when I signed up for my service I was told it would be. I do not have the patience or hours to spend on the how to resolve these issues. After every encounter I was sent a survey to which I relayed my frustration again.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Can't anyone to resolve problems!

        Sorry you've spent so much time on the phone and been transferred so much. Are you still unable to receive calls and if so, what's happening exactly? We wanna make sure this gets resolved so please let us know what happens if folks try to call you. Any specifics like error messages or if they're being routed to voicemail would be helpful to know. If you can tell us what phone you're using and and how much signal you have, that'll help get us going in the right direction to help get this fixed for you.

          • magenta4333701

            Re: Can't anyone to resolve problems!

            I have been receiving my calls for the last 3 weeks, the issue now is that I paid for service that I never had, at least consistently.  For 2 months I did not have incoming calls and T Mobile refuses to adjust my bill. And when I signed up for new service in Dec. I was told T Mobile would pay off my existing plan with Verizon.  After 3 attempts to make contact and each time being told a rep. would call me , I have not heard a word. Then I saw that T Mobile will not pay off my Samsung S7! The woman at the T Mobile store saw my phone and assured me I qualified! But now they say no!! What is up!

          • tmo_chris

            Re: Can't anyone to resolve problems!

            Just checking in here to see how things are going. Please let us know if you still need help with this.