What's the best plan T-mobile offers for high data usage to a person? Also which is a better plan for a group of 7 people Family or One which administrator was talked into by sales lady at a partner store, he probably was more interested in the girl then


    What is the best plan for a high data use individual that T-mobile offers (about 30GBs a month) Also we're a group of 7 we placed the job of administration to a fellow who was recently talked into giving up the Unlimited Family Plan for The One ?? Whatever Plan where i get 2gb high speed  a month then it's throttled back to 2 Gs is what a support team member told me, i use on average 25 to 30 GBs per montg so after the high speed runs out the next 28 days i could get better service out of a Dixie Cup and String. I was told this about throtlling back then the next support member said it's not I'm confuse as i think the team members are,  honestly i can't get a stright answer from t-mobile. This all started when a attractive lady in a franchise store talked our administrator into the switch, I'm sure he was more interested in the girl then what she was saying, I'm sorry to say! Could anyone give me a stright answer on these question?   I'd really appreciate it. Bill Mitchell a newbie here id like to hear and connect with you if you don't mind, it's not that I'm new to T-mobile, I've never been informed about this site in the 25+ years I've been with them! I'm beginning to think that I have got to check out other options if the problems continue to popup on a regular basis. Thanks again.

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