Issue with Family Members and Driving App


    My wife, my son and myself are all on the same T-Mobile One plan, and we all have the Samsung Galaxy S7.


    I've tried installing two driving apps (Drivemode and, so that I can set up auto responses to be sent while I'm driving. Both apps appear to recognize text messages from all my other contacts. I have tested this with both Samsung Galaxy users as well as contacts who use T-Mobile.


    However, texts from my wife or my son are not captured, they are simply ignored by both apps.


    Has anyone else experienced this issue?


    Is there something particular or different about the way text messages between family members on the same T-Mobile plan are sent or processed vs everyone else that could be causing this issue?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, magenta4321385!


        Thanks for stopping by to figure out why members of your family can't receive the text notifications from the driving apps you're using. By chance, do you know if the text comes from a shortcode (generally 5-7 digits long)? Or do you have issues receiving texts from shortcodes such as your bank?

          • magenta4321385

            Hi Amanda, thanks for helping me try to figure this out.  I don't have any problem's receiving shortcode texts. I have dozens of them ranging from 3 to 6 digits coming from my bank, my son's school, T-Mobile, the bowling alley, USPS, etc.


            The issue is not actually with receiving text. Now that I know I have someone's attention, let me describe what transpires in more detail, just to insure there's no confusion.  (apologize If I'm being unnecessarily detailed)


            So, with a driving app installed and running, I still receive every text that's sent to me.  The driving app detects all texts that are sent to me from anyone not in my family plan, and does what it's expected to do... that is notify me of the text and send an automatic reply back to the sender informing them that I'm driving.


            The issue is only with the family members within my plan. When a family member sends a text my phone receives it as normal, however the driving app does not seem to detect it. There is no apparent reaction at all by the app to these incoming text, and no auto reply is sent.  Since my family members are the ones most likely to text me while I'm driving, this behavior is a deal breaker for me using a driving app, unless I can get the issue resolved.



            thanks again for your input,


              • tmo_amanda

                Ah, I understand a bit better, thank you Herman! It's incredibly odd that two different apps are not allowing notifications for SMS' while driving. Have you reached out to the developers of the apps yet to see if they have any suggestions? If you're able to receive texts from others in your family plan while not using the app, unfortunately there's nothing we can do on our end. I was able to hunt down their info for you: Drivemode and Drive

            • magenta4321385

              It's not just one app, I've tested two different ones, and they both have the exact same issue. What if I test 10 apps, would it still be an app problem?


              I'm not saying that T-Mobile or Samsung has a problem.  I still think there is something unique about the way family messages are identified within a plan account, or there's some deeply embedded setting in my phone that is keeping the apps from detecting family text...  I'm just looking for the tech savvy person who knows what could be causing this....   he (she) is out there somewhere.

              • tmo_mike_c

                The only thing I can think of is checking to see how the phone number is entered. Have you tried deleting the numbers and adding them back in? I know some apps may ask for access to your contact list in order to use it. You could try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it then making sure you do allow access to your contact list. I do agree with Amanda that getting in touch with the developers is worth looking at. I can't think of any network issue or any other settings on the phone that would keep the app from sending only to those on your plan.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Hey there! Just wanted to check in again and see if you'd been able to snag any feedback from the app developers, or if the suggestion Mike offered above was helpful! I hope things have improved, please let us know if there are any updates.

                    • magenta4321385

                      Hi Marissa and Mike,


                      Thanks again for offering suggestions.  Since I started this thread, I have tried 6 other apps that all exhibit the same issue. It is a very odd problem indeed. I have sent emails to all the developers. Surprisingly, not a single response. I guess they don't have an answer, or just assume I'm doing something wrong.


                      I was hoping it was a setting in the phone, but Mike doesn't have any knowledge of a setting that would cause this issue, and I can't find anyone else who does.


                      In a separate thread, I asked members if anyone was using an app that worked properly in a similar scenario, and one member did make a recommendation. However, that thread no longer exists. I suspect that thread was killed because the app he/she recommended it is a product of a competing cellular company, so I hesitate to mention it here.... but that app DOES work properly, proving that it can be done, and that there's not some secret setting in my phone.


                      thanks again for trying to help.

                        • tmo_amanda

                          Happy St. Patty's Day, magenta4321385!


                          Thanks for getting back to us. I'm a bit bummed to read that none of the app developers have gotten back to you. With regard to your other thread, it was archived only because it appeared to be a duplicate post to this one. I can see that AT&T Drivemode was recommended and I assume that's what worked for you. Honestly, I'm out of ideas to get the other 6 apps working that you've tried.