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    I would like to express how upset and discussed I"am with this company. I walked into a T-mobile store on 12/03/2018 to get my daughter a plan($40). I paid 42.72 for January and February. It is now March 7th and my daughter still do not have service. I called tmobile and I was told that I owe more money?? How I'm on a pre-paid account. Come to find out the store in new Brunswick nj 08901 set me up on a post paid account instead of a prepaid. How can you do that with no credit check, address or any personal information. I called tmobile and asked what was going on I spoke to 19 people(no lie) all calls should be recorded!! And was on the phone for 3 hours and 2min until I HUNG UP. called again today and was told a refund was sent out. I find this very amazing being that I gave no address. Asked to speak to a manager I was told it's only $40 pay it again. Wow  so what happen is one rep out of the 19 people cancelled my post paid account and created a pre-paid account and a refund was mailed for the $42.00. I said to the manager this is impossible I gave no address. He says I can't access your account with-out pin number so I got my paper from the day I purchased the plan with account number and pin. Mysteriously it's wrong (What a joke) Rep tells me I have to go to store to get refund. I stated sir it's no way I'm traveling in 12inch snow to get a refund for 42.00 when you guys can credit it to the new account. (Not to mention he tells me the store is open,when it's not,its a state of emergency all roads to be clear) I can not believe that I been robbed like this by a corporate business being that I work in corporate and if a situation was to occur we are always there to rectify the situation. The rep goes on to say do what you want to do. I can not believe this has happen and want direct contact for CEO.  I would like to know if this has happened to anyone else? And should I proceed with a police report and see if I have a lawsuit. It is 12 inches of snow my daughter has no service to her iPhone 6plus and I paid for service. I would also be reporting to BBB. IF ANYONE has any information how to by pass the 1800 number and speak to someone that can resolve this issue please advised. This situation I will not let go

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        Hello, kiki2006!


        Welcome to our Support Community! I wish we were meeting on better terms but I'm glad you came here to tell your story. I'm incredibly sorry this happened and there's is absolutely room for improvement in how the situation was handled. Adding a credit to your prepaid account would be much easier rather than mailing a check and making the $42 payment again. You shouldn't have to go out of your way to correct everything. To see what other options are available, I'd like to recommend you contact T-Force (our Social Media Customer Care team) via Facebook or Twitter. They're an elite team of folks that will take a deeper look into this. Another benefit of working with T-Force is your conversation is written out which will hopefully prevent you from repeating yourself seeing how much time you've already spent on this.