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    Did T-Mobile make any attempt to alert its customers regarding a security breach that has left customers vulnerable to hacking and bank account fraud through Wells Fargo?


    What steps has T-Mobile enacted to prevent/protect account holders' cellular lines from being ported out from T-Mobile and transferred to other carriers to then be used as an access point to finances held within certain banking institutions?


    Also, since this type of breach of T-Mobile customer private information has happened before, why has port verification protection or other means of Identity Theft security not been installed/created as a standard method prevention for all lines on customer plans?

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        Re: Port security questions

        Hey there, and welcome to our Support Community!

        We are definitely aware of the porting fraud uptick that's taken place in the industry recently. We’ve been alerting customers via SMS, the MyTMO app, and in the Alerts section of their MyT-Mobile accounts online -- encouraging them to add the port validation feature to help combat port out fraud. Here’s a link to the FAQ page that we’ve been including in the SMS and linking in the blurbs on the app and MyTMO: https://www.t-mobile.com/customers/secure.


        On our Support site, we’ve published a blog about the port validation feature that can protect customers against this, and created a new document with Protect yourself from scams. On T-Mobile.com, you can also find out more information here and here. Any customer can Contact Us by dialing 611 or reaching out to our T-Force team at any time to establish a security password and have port validation added to their accounts. If there’s anyone reading this who has not done so already, we’d encourage you to contact our teams ASAP to add additional security measures to your account.


        A few users have mentioned a concern about a breach when this topic comes up – we want to clarify that if you're referring to an incident last fall, that site vulnerability was quickly resolved. Limited customer data was exposed and only a few hundred customers were affected. T-Mobile made efforts to contact those affected customers to inform them of the vulnerability and offer additional account protections at that time.


        I hope this answers your questions. Your security is very important to us. Please let me know if there's anything I haven't covered!


        ETA: I also proactively updated your username -- I'm sending a private message your way, please take a look in your inbox when you have a moment. Thank you!