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BOGO and Reimbursement


    I have never had so much trouble getting my reimbursement. I switched back to T-Mobile in January because of their buy one get one free and reimbursement promotion. Since there was a timing issue, I couldnt get the free phone.  I had the manager at the TMobile store submit my reimbursement form. It got rejected.  I went back this morning to the store after trying to submit my reimbursement online got rejected. They put me on the phone with the reimbursement center. Agent tells me the final bill from the carrier won't do. I have to get a prior bill. I tried submitting it again online again and it keeps getting rejected. I even wasted my time chatting with an agent. T-Mobile keeps saying an agent will call you. I informed them that I'm done talking because we keep going in circles. So much for being a loyal T-Mobile customer.

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        Re: BOGO and Reimbursement

        I am slightly confused about what is going on. What carrier where you switching from? Was it a postpaid carrier?  Did you make sure you met the requirements of the promotion?


        Some promos can not be combined with others so if you were trying to take advantage of multiple it could of had issues. Your best option is to work with the T-force team and it is the only one as this requires account level access to deal with. This forum is mainly made up of your fellow peers and a few mods that help people get to the right place to resolve their issues.


        If you have Facebook/Twitter I would contact them on there since it seems like many customers in the past have had better luck than talking on the phone.

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