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    Looking for a way to block data usage at certain times for my kid. We have unlimited data, and he uses it late into the night.


    Yes, I know the old fashioned way of taking the phone away would work , but he stays up later than me and I don't mind that, but I want him in bed by say midnight, and I want to cut off his data usage.

    Family Allowances DOES NOT stop data usage as far as I can tell. I already have that turned on.


    I may have to go back to limited data since at least that would stop him.


    Barring the above, is there a way to turn off his hotspot/tethering? There seems to be a way for T-Mobile to do this centrally since they can control the data limit for it...


    Thanks in advance!

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Limit data usage

        These are all great questions. At this time, we do not have a way to block specific services like hotspotting or tethering and family allowances does not block data usage. Short of removing the data feature from his line, there is no other way to prevent the line from using data besides the "old fashioned way"

          • cubanx

            Re: Limit data usage

            Ok, Chris, thanks for the help


            If there is somewhere to "upvote" a feature like this I'd happily do it.


            Clearly this can be done on the backend somewhere since you guys can limit data by amount, and you can also throttle speed.


            I get it's not easy, believe me but it'd be a great thing to have.


            For now then, I'm going to use my Circle with Circle Go to do this. Putting this in not as a plug for Circle, but so that other folks know there's a solution.

            Note, if you can get a hold of a product person's ear, I'm willing to pay another company for this service, so it's valuable.

            Thanks again!



          • magenta3080755

            Re: Limit data usage

            I really really wish T-Mobile had this feature as it would make my life a lot easier. It should be a simple matter. Please add this feature!!!