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    Looking for a way to block data usage at certain times for my kid. We have unlimited data, and he uses it late into the night.


    Yes, I know the old fashioned way of taking the phone away would work , but he stays up later than me and I don't mind that, but I want him in bed by say midnight, and I want to cut off his data usage.

    Family Allowances DOES NOT stop data usage as far as I can tell. I already have that turned on.


    I may have to go back to limited data since at least that would stop him.


    Barring the above, is there a way to turn off his hotspot/tethering? There seems to be a way for T-Mobile to do this centrally since they can control the data limit for it...


    Thanks in advance!

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Limit data usage

        These are all great questions. At this time, we do not have a way to block specific services like hotspotting or tethering and family allowances does not block data usage. Short of removing the data feature from his line, there is no other way to prevent the line from using data besides the "old fashioned way"

          • cubanx

            Re: Limit data usage

            Ok, Chris, thanks for the help


            If there is somewhere to "upvote" a feature like this I'd happily do it.


            Clearly this can be done on the backend somewhere since you guys can limit data by amount, and you can also throttle speed.


            I get it's not easy, believe me but it'd be a great thing to have.


            For now then, I'm going to use my Circle with Circle Go to do this. Putting this in not as a plug for Circle, but so that other folks know there's a solution.

            Note, if you can get a hold of a product person's ear, I'm willing to pay another company for this service, so it's valuable.

            Thanks again!



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          • magenta3080755

            Re: Limit data usage

            I really really wish T-Mobile had this feature as it would make my life a lot easier. It should be a simple matter. Please add this feature!!!

            • magenta4057817

              Re: Limit data usage

              So... what you're saying is I should cancel my childs account and go find them something cheaper with just voice and text. (It seems kind of silly to disable the data and still have to pay the same cost for the line)

              • magenta4874891

                Re: Limit data usage

                I up-vote this feature as well.

                • phl08

                  Re: Limit data usage

                  This is the most common thread on the subject of family allowances for well over a year now.  It's almost a useless feature to be able to restrict phone usage when it doesn't apply to data.  The home wifi is restricted for the kids to not be able to use it late hours.  But they can just transition over to TMO data.


                  You are probably aware that your competitor who's name starts with an A and ends with a T has a far more flexible "SmartLimits" feature.  It costs a few bucks per month, but well worth it to keep the kids off the phone when they should be sleeping for school the next day.....


                  I honestly don't know how TMO can justify a "Family Allowances" feature that completely ignores data usage in this day and age.

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                  • magenta5002694

                    Re: Limit data usage

                    This is a serious problem that deserves a serious response. As a parent trying to teach my teenagers how to moderate their actions and be accountable, to have T-mobile granting them all-out access to data usage via WiFi sabotages my efforts and results in my teens losing sleep, becoming dependent and addicted to their phones and losing interest in other more fruitful activities. I believe that is in T-Mobile's best interests to hear your customers out - that is what this entire thread has been telling you. I think that your response is a pooh-poohing away of very valid concerns expressed by numerous parents on this website and I think that you need to take them seriously. Give us an option! We, the parents, have to teach our children how to self-moderate and when you hand them the entire cookie jar and say here you go - regulate yourself, you end up with sugar addict on your hands. Again, as a parent it's my job to teach my children responsibility, do I need to teach T-Mobile how to behave responsibly as well?

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                      • phl08

                        Re: Limit data usage

                        As parents we are ultimately responsible.  if the kids are eating too many cookies, we take the cookie jar away.  If they are playing Xbox too much, we take away the controller(s).  If they watch too much TV, we take it away.


                        If they’re using the phone when they shouldn’t be, we should take it away as well.


                        But my beef with this TMO Family Allowance feature is that it is essentially useless in the smartphone age when cellular data is 90% (or more) of the phone’s usage profile.  And yet, your the family allowance ”feature“ does not have any means to limit cellular data. 

                      • tiro73

                        Re: Limit data usage

                        Completely agree to this requirement - as a parent you do absolutely want to restrict data usage and since neither android or apple provide

                        means to do this appropriately via the operating system, this would be a feature where the service provider could really add value.

                        Guys - this can bring you additional customers and positive attention! Also: how often do you hear that customers actually want to restrict service consumption (and effectively save T-Mobile money) while happily pay the same price?


                        Oh - and btw, in the age of whatsapp and facetime, limiting voice with your family allowance is a really ridiculously useless feature.
                        Have your product managers rethink that service.

                        It would also be great to understand if these service improvement suggestions actually make it into a product roadmap or if this community is more of a help- yourself group...

                        • mubbles

                          Re: Limit data usage

                          Up-voting this!

                          • tmo_chris

                            Re: Limit data usage

                            Hey, all! We're going through older posts with this feedback and making sure that everyone gets a chance to take a peek at our new family program, FamilyMode, launching today 6/29. You can read our blog about it here and learn more in the Resources list at the bottom: -- thank you for sharing your opinions with us!

                            • magenta4403848

                              Re: Limit data usage

                              I should not have to purchase an add on or even install an app on the phones I would like to control.  Verizon and ATT are able to do this, so should TMobile.  Overall I am happier with TMobile than verizon, but I may switch back just for the ability to block data usage based on time.

                              • hnhapparel

                                Re: Limit data usage

                                I was able to turn off data on sprint shared lines for any user. Seems like TMobile does not have that feature.

                                • lerpongb

                                  Re: Limit data usage

                                  Familymode does not work, I have that option. My kid just deleted the App, or mess up the VPN. T-Mobile should have a similar option as Verizon has.

                                  Verizon allows the parent to limit the DATA Usage of the monitored line. This could be the reason that I might be considering to switch back to Verizon.