Online Prepaid Account: Issue with Primary Account Holder/Refill/Usage/Message Blocking




    I have taken T-mobile prepaid account 45$ unlimited text/message and 4GB data around couple of weeks ago.

    I have also created online account by entering my details and phone number.

    This prepaid account has only one line and I am the only one who authorized to use this account.


    I am getting the following message Whenever I tried to refill or add credit or debit card or check my usage or check designated line in my account.


    "Primary account holder missing, online services are currently limited because no primary account has been designated for your account. Confirm primary account holder"


    The moment I click on "Confirm primary account holder" , it does not allow me to enter my details and details disappears all of sudden, I will get the same error again. Also , I can not see my usage details , call log and totally I can not do anything in my online account except minimal profile details.

    Also, international messages are blocked , I can not send any international messages but plan allows to send/receive international text message.

    Also, I can not see line settings or designated line in the profile page.

    I called up customer care and they did not resolve my issue.


    How Do I resolve this issue to continue to use my prepaid account.

    I am the only account holder and i have only one prepaid account. How do I know that is anyone else controlling my phone number fraudulently or I can not  control or do minimal things in the online account.


    I am also attaching the screenshot of this error. Could you kindly share your ideas and any resolution for this basic issue in the Tmobile Primary_Account_Holder_Issue.png

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