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You have used 4.8 GB of the 6.0 GB High Speed Data.


    Over the last few months i've noticed that within 7-10 days of my new billing cycle I receive an alert from tmobile letting me know i have used most of my high speed data. I know i'm not the only one! At first i thought oh it's me - turned off the apps that i don't use so they dont linger in the background but i'm 1 week in and i receive the dreaded text message. The online reps are useless - tell me to turn off cellular data when you're not using it and that data will still be used even at 2am when you're alseep and connected to wifi because the "data signal is really strong." I'M FED UP! even when i'm streaming netflix - it uses data. WHY?!!! i even made it a point to not stream and i still get the text message. WTH IS GOING ON?!! what do i do to keep me from chunking my phone against the wall?!

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