New York State - Route 87 - Adirondack Mountains


    Just wanted gauge other people's experiences with T-Mobile in upstate NY, specifically on Route 87 (Adirondack Northway) north of Lake George.


    I traveled this route a few weeks ago, which used to be very sparse on cellular coverage.  My previous carrier, Verizon, pretty much filled in all the holes on this route since 2007.


    I found T-Mobiie's coverage to be very good, but there are still a few dead zones.  Generally, along 87 from Lake George I got LTE with 2 bars of service 80% of the time.  Some spots I did get 3-4 bars for a few stretches.  


    T-Mobile - Take Note - Specifically, right before exit 24 (Bolton Landing) I lost service for a mile or so.  Then approx 5 miles either side of exit 30 service was really bad.  Generally, the whole area between exit 30 and 31 is dead. I lost service here for a good 5-7 miles.  This is near the town of New Russia, NY, where Route 87 passes just to the west of Lincoln Pond.   There is a gap of service on the T-Mo coverage maps in this area, but the actual lack of service is longer than the map would have you believe.


    Also, as you approach the border, the final 20 miles between Plattsburgh and Champlain, NY, the service often jumps over to 2G. 


    I was traveling with an iPhone X.


    Just wondering if anyone else had better experiences?  I know T-Mo is adding 600Mhz coverage in that area, so maybe someone with a LG V30  has picked up better signals?


    Thanks in advance.



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      • drnewcomb2

        I-87 up to Canada has been a mid-band-only area until T-Mobile got 600 MHz. There were bound to be some holes. There are supposed to be a few 600 MHz sites north of Plattsburgh. Hopefully, they'll spread south quickly.

        • tmo_mike_c

          I personally haven't been here, but I did take a peek at the coverage here. This does look like an area that could use some coverage love. As of right now, I don't have any specifics on if/when improvements will be made. I do know our engineers are aware of places that need some coverage help but we do appreciate you coming here and posting about the service. I'm sure if there's changes that can be made in the future, our engineers will do so.

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