Can only connect to Vodafone IN Edge - Very poor speeds


    I've been in Hyderabad India for a couple of days now and have only been able to connect to the Vodafone Edge network. I get full bars, but speed test on the dslreports page shows something like 3 kbps down and cannot complete the upload portion.


    I have an iPhone 8+ on the One Plus plan so I should be seeing max 256kbps.


    I've tried the following:

    1. Turning the phone on and off
    2. Manually selecting a carrier - All fail to connect except Vodafone (Airtel, Aircel, CellOne, Telenor, JIO). I thought T-Mobile had roaming agreements with Airtel, so I'm a bit confused.
    3. Disabling LTE


    Any ideas? Is this a limitation of the iPhone? And why can I not register on Airtel (which is what my AT&T work phone is roaming on just fine with really impressive speeds).


    For a frame of reference, my phone worked flawlessly in London Heathrow airport during my layover.


    Thanks in advance

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      • drnewcomb2

        India roaming is the source of numerous complaints on this forum. India's carriers are divided up and operated by regions (states?). What works in one region may not work in another. Looking at, I see that Vodafone has only 2G service in Hyderabad. Here is T-Mobile's roaming map of the area around Hyderabad:

        So, if you are getting service at all, you're getting more than T-Mobile promised. Looks like it's time for Plan B (e.g. local prepaid SIM, WiFi, etc.) Airtel seems to be the best for 4G coverage.

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        • dragon1562

          I also wanted to add that 2g is a very old technology and the theoretical max speed that T-mobile limits you at will never be seen on such a old network. Edge was never ment for data use like todays LTE is and the iphone may not be playing nice with the roaming partner in the area do to various reasons. They can range from lack of band support to a provisioning issue. As drnew suggest I would advise buying a local sim and seeing if it yields better results in the device. You could also try selecting manually another provider to roam on.

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