T Mobile has gone so far down. I will be saying farewell after 16 years.


    I have been a TMobile subscriber since 2002 and the reason I stayed was the transparency with my bill as well as excellent customer service.


    Since then, I have paid so many "restore" fee's which $20 a line to restore a line is absolute robbery! I am so angry each time I forget to pay the bill by a few days. A late fee of a few bucks is understandable. They want people to pay their bills on time. I get that, but this $20 a line crap has got to stop. And the taxes and fee's are now as bad as Comcast!! Not only has the billing become impossible to understand, now the customer service has diminished as I once knew it.


    I have been trying to get credited back for charges incurred for two lines suspensions, even though I paid the bill before the lines were suspended, about 3 hours before and I was charged $20 per line so an additional $40 was tacked onto my bill and i've tried to get the fee credited back to my account on two occasions now, without success. The first time I called a month after this happened and was told by a very nice gentleman that I would receive the credit and would see it on my next bill. I never saw the credit and tried messaging about it, nothing has been done.


    Most recently, I saw that I was billed an additional $26 for international calls. I had no idea that I was being charged a crazy amount while checking my "visual voicemail" on a cruise ship to the bahamas. I called and talked to a lady about the above credit and said she couldn't do anything about it because they can only go back 2 months. That is the craziest thing i've ever heard in my life! I was so appalled that she said there was nothing she could do about the credit bc they cannot go back further than 60 days that I forgot to even ask about the international charges that I incurred.


    All I know is that both of my phones are about to paid off and I am saying farewell to T-Mobile. I am paying an outrageous amount each month for a service that I barely use. My bill goes up every single month and I have no idea why. I am looking forward to switching because I have come to hate TMobile at this point because they have turned into the companies they used to advertise against. I have forked out so much money to this company, I should own stock. The only way I would stay is if I get the $70 credited back to my account. Apparently they are unable to do this, so goodbye! (Can you hear me now?)

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      • tmo_lauren

        Hey there! Thank you so much for reaching out!


        There's certainly a lot going on here and I'll do my best to address all of it. We realize it can be so easy to forget to pay a bill, but there are a number of things that can help. You'll probably notice you get messages from 456. as well as a number of calls from us once the bill is late. Definitely easy to overlook, but good indicators a suspension may be coming or that the bill is late. There are also automatic payment options you can set up and learn about here AutoPay


        If you ever find yourself in a position where you know you are going to be late due to the way paychecks fall or any other number of things that can crop up, we also offer payment arrangement options which you can even complete online without the help of a representative! Payment arrangement


        Confusion on your bill is certainly something we never want to see, this doc here can help you Understand your bill If you have additional questions beyond that, please don't hesitate to ask.


        We don't have direct access to accounts through here, but we would suggest reaching out to T-Force through FB or Twitter if there were any missed commitments on adjustments to be made. You can contact them via the links in my signature, or with the links found here Contact Us If FB or Twitter isn't your thing, the link includes all our contact methods!


        For the cruise ship roaming, unfortunately the way it works with cruise ships is they own the mini towers on the ship and often charge pretty exorbitant roaming fees. Most cruise companies will disclose the rates during your booking, and you can also learn more about cruise ship roaming here International roaming services. Per the T&C of service with us, there is a 60 day dispute period which can be reviewed here T-Mobile Terms and Conditions


        Once again, we're sorry for any confusion there has been, but please know we here on the Support forums are happy to provide as many answers and documentation as we can so there is as little confusion surrounding your service as possible! We know communication is often the key to any good business relationship and we'd love to continue having you as a customer. Let us know if there are any other questions we can answer for you!



        • gramps28

          (Can you hear me now?)


          From what I read is that you feel you should be able to pay your bill late with no repercussion, international charges

          shouldn't apply to you and that disputing charges longer than 60 days should be only available to you.


          Good luck with another carrier agreeing to your terms.

          • magenta4327715

            um.. NO. Where did I say that this should be only available to me??? I sure don't see that anywhere. I would like to have been notified if I was going to be charged $1 per minute by using VISUAL voicemail. There is no calling done to my knowledge.


            I would think $10 per line or better $5 per line for restore fee's would suffice. Where did I say that disputing charges over 60 days should only be available to me? I know that they can sure bill for fee's incurred later than 60 days, but they can't go back to add a credit that is older than 60 days?


            Why don't you go sit on your rocking chair and chat about the good ole days Gramps and contribute something of value or don't contribute at all.

              • tmo_lauren

                Hey magenta3277155 The charge is for any VM, the call has to connect and be forwarded to your voice mailbox (the 805 number you'll in your settings) so there is still a call being made (technically forwarded) in order for a voicemail to be able to be left. Checking it by dialing in would be a charge for a second call, visual is different.



                We can definitely pass the feedback on about the charge amount, it is a pretty standard industry fee that being said. Sprint charges $36, Verizon and AT&T charge $40 per line. So while I understand our $20 doesn't match the $10 or $5 per line you are mentioning, but we are well below the major carrier standard.


                The no disputes over 60 days is for all customers, but the good news is we don't bill you for fees incurred after 60 days. All charges are billed by us as soon as the cycle is completed. The only sort of exceptions to this is if you are roaming on a carrier who reports roaming fees late, but we do our best to make that as transparent as possible and it is incredibly infrequent and something most customers won't ever experience. Any other fees will be charged in the cycle after they occur.


                Sorry again for any confusion, and if there is anything else we can help answer please don't hesitate to let me know.