Duplicate text messages


    Since yesterday all incoming text messages come through twice! So annoying. I have done all suggestions from a prior post in the community. Nothing has helped. I cleaned the cache and deleted the threads. I powered down. I turned WiFi off and on. Did I mention how annoying this is??? Help please!!

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      • dragon1562

        Re: Duplicate text messages

        Hi there, I want to start off by sayin that I am sorry you are having issues with texting. I would like to ask if the duplicate messages are coming from one user or from a specific type of device? I.e does duplicate messages only happen when receiving texts from Iphone users as a example? I also wanted to ask if you are using the default messenger app and what phone are you using?


        I am sorry for all the questions but I want to narrow down the potential cause for the issue.

          • magenta4289905

            Re: Duplicate text messages

            Hi. TY for responding. The messages are coming thru from everyone. Some have iPhones and others are Android. I have Blu6. I'm using the messaging that is on the phone. I have been using this phone for many months and this problem started Fri afternoon.

              • dragon1562

                Re: Duplicate text messages

                That is very odd but thanks to the info I can confirm it is something going wrong on your end. Are you able to test a different device to see if it is the phone being wonky? If not can you try putting the device into Safe Mode and seeing if duplicate messengers still persist. If they stop in safe mode then there is a app that is not playing nice on the device that you may have downloaded recently.


                Let us know the results of the further testing and I hope to get this fixed for you ASAP.

                  • magenta4289905

                    Re: Duplicate text messages

                    The only app that I recently downloaded is T-Mobile Tuesdays. I have no idea how to put my phone in safe mode. So I guess I will remove the app and start there.

                      • dragon1562

                        Re: Duplicate text messages

                        Safe mode starts the device without starting any third party application. This also allows you to open applications individually to try to determine which application may be causing the problem.






                        Start looking for specific types of applications, such as initiators, task manager or antivirus applications.

                        Application icons will still appear on the main screen or in the Applications menu. applications will start by selecting the icon to activate; They will not start automatically.

                        To enable safe mode



                        Touch the power key

                        Touch and hold the Shut Down option

                        Tap OK when Safe Mode Restart with

                        The phone will restart and warning appear safe mode in the lower left corner

                        While in safe mode, start an application at a time to identify which application is causing the problem

                        Remove the device the application that is causing the problem



                        To delete an application:



                        Touch menu> Play Store> Menu> My Apps



                        Tap the application you want to delete



                        Tap Uninstall and then tap OK to confirm?



                        After identifying and removing the application, simply restart the device to disable safe mode.


                        Try doing it that way

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                • tmo_marissa

                  Re: Duplicate text messages

                  Hey there! I wanted to stop by and see how Safe Mode testing worked out for you. Have you noticed any improvements, or are you still seeing your messages twice?

                  • tmo_chris

                    Re: Duplicate text messages

                    Just checking in one last time to see how things are going. Please let us know if you still need help with this.