Lost the insurance on my device when I moved it to other line





    I'm not sure if im posting in the right place, but i have a samsung note 5 I've been paying on since December 2016. I moved the phone over to another line I added into the account last August or September, and the phone was recently lost or stole. I tried to report it to tmobile and file a claim to get a new phone but when I called in, tmobile told me the phone didn't have insurance and I had to add it back on when I moved the phone to my other line. So now I am here stuck paying the $100 or so I still owe on and I am unable to replace it without purchasing a new device. I don't understand how this is possible or fair when this was never my fault?  I was never informed I'd have to re add insurance when I moved the device. 


    I have been told there is nothing tmobile can do.  I just don't understand how this is fair?

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