Lost the insurance on my device when I moved it to other line





    I'm not sure if im posting in the right place, but i have a samsung note 5 I've been paying on since December 2016. I moved the phone over to another line I added into the account last August or September, and the phone was recently lost or stole. I tried to report it to tmobile and file a claim to get a new phone but when I called in, tmobile told me the phone didn't have insurance and I had to add it back on when I moved the phone to my other line. So now I am here stuck paying the $100 or so I still owe on and I am unable to replace it without purchasing a new device. I don't understand how this is possible or fair when this was never my fault?  I was never informed I'd have to re add insurance when I moved the device. 


    I have been told there is nothing tmobile can do.  I just don't understand how this is fair?

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      • theartiszan

        Unfortunately insurance is on the line the phone is purchased with and not tied directly to the phone. And since you can only add insurance within the time the phone is purchased, insurance can't be transferred to another line. Also to be able to file a claim, you need to have usage of that device on the line for some time before the claimed event. This is all for to measures to prevent insurance fraud. Sadly, given those limitations, there really isn't anything you can do. The policy is also by the insurance provider assurion and not T-Mobile. So there really isn't anything TMobile can do either.

        • dragon1562

          You could try reaching out to the company that handles the insurance claims. However I don't know how far that will get you. I just want to reiterate in saying that T-mobile has there hands tied. The company Assurion which handles there insurance for devices also works with the other major players in the industry and the policies that are place developed due to abuse basically. The good news is that there is a lot of devices that you can go for to replace the old device.


          I also just wanted to ask something that I am sure you have tried but have you checked the location of the device? Maybe you can call the police and get back in that way.

          • magenta6838061

            I just lost my insurance (or will at the end of the month when my 4th line is cancelled).  In order to move the phone (less than one year old) from that line to my primary line, I had to give up my insurance which I have had since I bought it.  The explanation given makes no sense.  Assurion will lose its shirt if they are insisting that the insurance is on the line instead of on a specific phone with a specific serial number.  That would mean people could put their sim for a covered line into a damaged phone of the same type and make an insurance claim.  It would enable fraud, not prevent it.  The only way to prevent fraud is to cover a specific phone for a specific owner.  Any line in the same family plan should be fine.  The way it is, Assurion and T-Mobile are losing money because I am no longer paying them for insurance, and I am an unhappy customer because I am losing coverage.

            • lmusgrove17

              Actually you are incorrect.  The policy is not set in place by the insurance company.  The insurance policies are agreed upon by both the insurance company CEOs and TMobiles CEOs.  By the way, TMobile puts the insurance on the accounts.  That isn't something done by the insurance company themselves.  So it is not fair to blame the insurance company when TMobile is responsible for adding the insurance.  If she lost the insurance by transferring a phone to a different line, it was up to TMO to read the insurance on the line . Not the insurance company.

              • magenta2760738

                Dear TMobile I am going to be very candide about this whole situation, because I am upset to the max. This is another trick by corporate America. I have 6 lines with you. And guess why? I am just trying to reduce the cost of the average line for myself and my friends (i have no family). I ordered a phone for one of the friends not too long ago, and insured the phone. Once my friend got the phone he changed his mind. Another person on the plan wanted to use the phone, so rather than sending that phone back to  you guys, I gave that phone to my friend that is willing to use it. The user lost the phone and now you are telling me that the phone is not insured.


                I called today, a representative suggested that since it has been less than 15 days that the phone was bought we can switch the insurance to the line that lost the phone and resubmit the claim. I just checked the status and that claim too was denied. The user is telling me that we will not be making payment on this because hewill only buy such an expensive phone if it is insured. Bottom line I will have to carry that bill.


                But let me be very direct with you and your weird tactics: I have $270 left on my own phone (the only other EIP on the account), which I can pay any time. I can potentially set up a payment plan with you for the lost phone, but if I do have to pay for the lost insured phone, I swear I will need to look at another cheaper carrier. Please make it clearer to customers that the insurance is for the line and not a phone. And to be honest I think that a stupid policy that will not stop fraudsters. And most importantly, I want both Tmobile and insurant to send me this in writing, because we all know corporate America. A week from now yall can come with some  BS that you never said  so. And this need to be reported to consumer protection.

                • magenta2760738

                  I will continue to try to get you guys send a replacement phone in the next 30 days. After that, I will have no other solution but pay you the balance for my own phone, set up a payment plan  for this lost phone and move to a cheaper non mainstream carrier.

                  • magenta2760738

                    STRAIGHT FROM YOUR WEBSITE!