Still waiting on my refund since Nov 2017


    I ordered 3 iPhone X back in October 2017. However, I returned 2 of them on Nov 6, 2017 using their shipping labels. After multiples call and escalation, I was finally able to talk to a manager just before the new year. I finally got one refund on Jan 11, 2018 and she told me that she will work on the second refund. But, I did not hear from her again. I called multiple times again and all T-mobile did for me was escalation and telling me that they have received the headset and that I will receive my refund in one billing cycle. Unfortunately, I never got my second refund! I was able to talk to Taylor, a manager in Richmond, in mid-February. She followed by case for two weeks and told me today that the second refund was processed on Jan 26th, 2018. I called my credit card company, Chase, and they told me that there is no refund from T-mobile on Jan 26th, 2018 and I had never received the refund. Also, it is too late for me to dispute the charge made back in October since it is already past two billing cycle. Taylor told me to fax (813-353-6696) my credit card statement to "Cash Application" to prove that I have not yet received the second refund. I already faxed the required information. However, I am just not confident that I will receive my refund after all the false compromises and misguiding information leading me to miss the dispute time frame with my credit card company. I already filed a BBB complaint as it has been four months since I returned the phone. If you are a T-mobile employee, please contact me and give me a way to follow up with "Cash Application" for the dispute. I am tired of explaining everything again everytime I call T-mobile.