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T-Mobile or credit bureau, what's the solution?


    Last Monday, I tried to switch back from Family Mobile to T-Mobile, where I had been since 1998 before Family Mobile. We called for lifting my blocks to the TransUnion report (I had blocked all three agencies after the Equifax breach), as instructed at the T-Mobile store, South Town Mall, Sandy, Utah. They said only 15 minutes to unlock the account, but it might take 72 hours for T-Mobile activation. After making several phone calls to TransUnion and back to various departments at T-Mobile, along with the store and the T-Mobile activation department, directly, and here we are the following Sunday with no progress that we can see on this end. T-Mobile has accessed my TransUnion account twice that I know of: once on Tuesday and once on Wednesday, but we are still in Limbo on this. It's been over 130 hours (6 days), instead of 72, since I unlocked my TransUnion account and about 106 hours since T-Mobile activation group first accessed my TransUnion records. I can only assume that someone is dropping the ball. Is it really my responsibility to pick up the ball when T-Mobile probably wants me back as a customer? Bottom line: What will it take to get us signed up?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Hmm, if there is some kind of hiccup,  we certainly wanna get this resolved and help you get your service. When was the last time you spoke to our activations team and what did they say? Did they ever mention filing a ticket for you? Sorry for the questions and I know this is important, I'm just trying to get an understanding on what the last status was and where we need to go next to get this handled. Thanks.

          • fradeltor

            I have had a file number since Monday afternoon from the agent at the T-Mobile store. I was there in person trying to sign up and even had my wife join me at the store in case they needed her to be present for us to sign up on the 55+ plan for the two of our phone lines, along with the last two Galaxy S7 phones they have in stock.
            I'm not sure the last time I talked with the activation department. That might have been Wednesday.
            I also called the T-Mobile store to ask about progress every day until Friday. I didn't call yesterday because of needing to spend some time with family.
            On my Friday call, at 3:10 p.m., the agent at the T-Mobile store said he'd check and call me back in a few minutes. I'm still waiting for his return call, too.

            I don't mind your questions. They might ultimately help. I really do want to be back with T-Mobile on the 55+ plan being offered.

              • tmo_mike_c

                Ah bummer, sorry we didn't give you that callback. Did the store rep mention getting some kind of error when they tried to set you up with the 55+ plan? Did they also mention exactly what was filed? Sounds like it might be a Help Desk Ticket, but I wanna be sure.


                Side note: Hope you had an awesome time with the family. This is important to get resolved, but we don't want you to having to compromise something as important as that.

                  • fradeltor

                    The store representative didn't indicate anything was getting in the way except the credit report. I am older than 55, so with my wife and me both joining, we shouldn't have an issue, nor did he say anything about an issue with the 55+ offer. He just had me talk to TransUnion on that first visit to the store to have them remove the lock on my credit report so the activation group could have that information and go forward with the activation.



                    I'm not sure what your second question is about. (Did they also mention exactly what was filed?) The store agent took all my information, including a photocopy of my driver license, and he had the two S7 phones out ready to go - I thought. I don't know if it was a help desk ticket, but while he was talking on the phone, he did provide me with a 9-digit file number with the phone number ending in 3196  The phone number might or might not relate directly to the file number. I got five different phone numbers starting that afternoon and I can't tell you what goes to what. I've called all five of those numbers sometime during the week at least once, some of them two or more times, along with the store in the Mall every day. I can provide all of those phone numbers to you if those would help hunt down a solution. I wasn't sure I should share them all here, yet, even if at least some of them seem to be T-Mobile contacts of some sort.


                    The family time was good. Thanks for commenting about it.

                      • fradeltor

                        I just discussed the phone numbers with my wife. She pointed out that three of the five phone numbers were TransUnion when I was trying to find out from them whether or not 1) my file was unlocked (it was) and 2) if T-Mobile had accessed my account information, yet. That's when I found out it was unlocked and that T-Mobile had accessed the information on both Tuesday and Wednesday. I just now checked my account and nobody has accessed my TransUnion information since Wednesday.

                          • tmo_mike_c

                            Okay, thanks for that info. And you don't have to post those numbers here as this is a public forum. You mentioned having a file number so I was trying to see if that was something we gave you as a reference to the issue you're having. So just to be clear, you were able to activate an account with us, but not be switched to the 55+ plan? Or, were you not able to get that far because of the TransUnion block?

                              • fradeltor

                                We couldn't activate an account. Supposedly, as I understand it, T-Mobile couldn't go forward with activation because of the block on the TransUnion credit report. Since T-Mobile did get my credit information from TransUnion on Tuesday and again on Wednesday, I still wonder what's holding everything up. Nobody from T-Mobile support or from the store has been able to tell me we're ready to go, or tell me anything about how we can proceed, and nobody has seemed to be following through to keep in touch with me to get it done.
                                I just talked with the store associate. He told me that he's getting frustrated. Hmmmmm.
                                He referred me to customer care with a reference number. I called customer care, who transferred me over to the activation department. The activation department looked up my file from my Social Security Number. He didn't even want the reference number. He said they need me to unfreeze Equifax now. After I unfreeze Equifax, or at least give an unfreezing PIN to the activation department, then I need to call the activation department, again, and find out if they have the credit report from Equifax. Once I determine they have the credit report back from Equifax, and if the activation department believes my credit rating is good enough to get an account, I get to go back to the store and I guess that's when I'll get to sign up for T-Mobile service.



                                At least I seem to be making SOME progress.
                                Next stop: Equifax!

                                If anybody says I also need to unfreeze Experian, I'm going to scream!
                                I'll be back to continue the story.

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                                  • fradeltor

                                    I did make it through to Equifax, set my freeze to a lock, and then unlocked it for T-Mobile activation department.
                                    I called the activation department and the operator accessed my credit report and authorized my account. Next, I'll call the store associate and have him look up the account and make sure it's all okay before I drive down there and finish this process.


                                    Thank you for your help, Mike. Some of what you said got me headed the right direction.


                                    Stay well.

                                      • tmo_mike_c

                                        That is really awesome news! I'm super stoked you're getting the ball rolling on this. Thanks for coming back and keeping us all posted on how things are going.

                                          • fradeltor

                                            After the T-Mobile store in the South Town Mall opened this morning, I called and the store associate put me on hold for just a few minutes while he looked up my file to make sure it was all set to go. When he came back on the line, he told me he could have the account all set by the time I could get down there.
                                            After just a few formalities at the store, like paying for the activation taxes and the new SIMs, which the associate installed in the phones for us, I had a bag with our new phones.
                                            We are definitely set up now, and all we have to do is make sure we get all the information transferred from the old phones to the new ones. My wife will be able to do that with the T-Mobile (Google?) app, but my android OS is 4.2.1, which isn't supported. I will have to transfer some if not all of my information manually, not counting the things I have stored on my micro SD card, of course.
                                            Thank you for your help, Mike.

                                              • tmo_mike_c

                                                No problem my friend! I'm just happy to hear you got everything set up on your account. Thanks a bunch for coming back again. Were you planning on using the T-Mobile Content Transfer app to move all your info over? If so, I'm seeing that app should work with the OS version you're using on your phone.

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                                                  • fradeltor

                                                    Yes, I would love to use anything to streamline the process of moving information from my old Siii to new S7.
                                                    The T-Mobile Content Transfer app link that you included takes me to a page that explains how to use it, but it does not include how to get the app downloaded onto my Siii and S7.
                                                    How do I find and download the T-Mobile Content Transfer app so I can use it with those instructions? I've been trying on my own for an hour or two to find something that would send me to where I can download it. That page with instructions didn't have a link to where I could find the app, itself, and my searches haven't turned up anything, either.

                                                      • fradeltor

                                                        In the last place I looked - the Play Store - I finally found the app - I think. I'm loading it now and I hope to put it to good use.

                                                          • fradeltor

                                                            Thanks, again, Mike. The app has taken a bit of time to transfer my information, but by the way it works, I can tell it has already saved me countless hours of trying other methods that might not have worked so well.


                                                            Tips for anybody who needs to use the T-Mobile Content Transfer:

                                                            1. Remember not to try to find the T-Mobile Content Transfer application on your computer. Find it and download it from the Play Store on the old and new phones you will use it on.
                                                            2. Transfer only one or two categories at a time.
                                                              When I first started using the app to transfer, my Siii with Android 4.2.1 kept dying and resetting itself after just a few minutes of loading. Finally, after a few false starts and resets. I started unchecking items to receive on the Galaxy S7 that had already transferred. The old phone still reset itself after just 2 or 3 minutes.
                                                              When I eventually narrowed the transfer to one category at a time, the old phone didn’t shut down and reboot, even with many files to transfer. For example, the application transferred 1,514 photos in just over 20 minutes and the old phone didn’t even wheeze.
                                                              If I had known my old phone would act like a gutless wonder in the process, I would have transferred only one category at a time from the beginning.


                                  • wendymurphy

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