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    My phone is a Galaxy S7 Edge 32 GB. My question is I'm pretty sure it doesn't pass for a trade-in but if I pay the deductible can I then jump to the S9? Or would it be possible just to pay the deductible not get the phone and just get the S9

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      • tmo_mike_c

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        If you're looking to trade the phone in, you could take it to one of our stores just to get another opinion. But, if you're wanting to file a claim and pay the deductible, you'd get the same make and model back. Is there something specific with going on with the S7 where you don't wanna trade it in as is?

        • jayfromtelesales

          Re: Another jump question

          Hello magenta4288528,


          Only reason you would have to file a claim for your trade-in would be if your current S7 Edge is damaged in any way.

          I'm currently doing a Jump to the Note8, which requires me to do a trade-in of a fully functional device. (no cracks, water damage, etc)

          In this case, my phone actually has a crack on the screen and requires me do pay the $175 deductible, get the insurance replacement phone and trade that one in for the Jump I'm doing.  All depends if you're taking advantage of a specific promotion!


          Hope This Heps (:

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          • tmo_lauren

            Re: Another jump question

            Just wanted to check in on how everything was going!