T Mobile Begrudgingly Performed a Change of Responsibility On All But One Item Before Cancelling The Account Without My Knowledge. Now I've Been Contacted By A Collections Agency


    Recently, I received the shock of a lifetime via a call from Amsher about a debt owed to T-Mobile. I've never been close to being late on a bill in my life so as you could imagine, I was positive that they were errant in their claims.


    However, after doing some digging, I realized that T Mobile and only T Mobile was responsible for this predicament... something they've acknowledged locally.


    We've been with T Mobile for over a decade now so this all started when we were told that I'd get a much lower rate if I switched my line off of the family plan and took advantage of one of the new plans. With this information, I decided to open a new account and add the old line. I then added a new phone and accessories (a first as I'd always brought my own phone before). It became apparent after the first bill that we were lied to. Furthermore, they'd used my confirmation for the plan for my personal account to switch over our family account which I guess had a grandfathered plan (we pay way more now). Additionally, they sent a promotional LG tablet that I specifically didn't ask for as I don't use tablets. It's still factory sealed. They listed the shipping day as the day I setup my account, made it look like I didn't electronically sign my agreement for a few weeks and then by the time it arrived at my door, I was told that it was outside of the company policy of days (I believe 21) that I could send it back. Apparently, I wasn't the only person that had shady dealings with this store as a friend at T Mobile informed me about other customers... they added a lot of stuff to an elderly woman's account without her knowledge to the point where she came into his store with tears because she thought she'd been trapped into something she couldn't afford. From what I've heard, those commission based sales people are no longer with the company.


    We spent the next three months attempting to get a change of responsibility back. Each time we called, we were told that the store was the only body that could handle it. They would tell us that it could only be done by phone. Each time that we called 611, it'd be a conversation anywhere from 1-2 hours as there were communication issues. This has nothing to do with the customer support agents as I understand that if I were asked to support native speakers of my second or third language, I'd do much worse than they did. Despite the frustration, this was the most present period with T Mobile over the past while. I even made a legitimate friend by way of one of those support agents. And he eventually helped me perform the change of responsibility back over to the family account.


    After the first month's new bill on the family account, we thought that we were charged a bit too much, something that T Mobile agreed with as they credited us the amount. We were told that it was because all of my accessories and specifically because of my phone. So imagine my surprise when Amsher told me that the item that T Mobile sent to them was my phone balance. I was told that T Mobile sent the balance to them on July 18th, the same day that I opened my new account. I was never sent notice by mail, call, etc. that there was a balance that had been unpaid. When opening my T Mobile app, it showed the balance of the family account without mention of another potential payment.


    When I confronted T Mobile with this information, the immediate response I received from multiple people within the company was confusion. They couldn't understand three things. 1) Why the account was opened the way it was? Now when I explained that they'd switched the family account to a new plan, it was theorized that they setup my new phone and accessories on that account so that they could unbeknownst to me, change the family account to a new plan. They then transferred the items to the new account. 2) Why would the person that performed the latest change of responsibility not inform me of the EIP rule and reassure me that everything went smoothly time and again? I don't understand that one time change of EIP rule and I don't agree with it, but at least if I'd been informed that by performing another change of responsibility, I'd have an issue, I'd be prepared. 3) Why would agents specifically say that the higher monthly bill is because of my phone? This reaffirmed what we thought that we knew. We've obviously been paying you guys for over a decade. We were told that the increased price was due to the phone. So why would we think that the phone was never added to the account. Again completely avoidable. Nonsensical.


    This also could've been avoided if T Mobile had sent some sort of notice. From what I've been told, the account was cancelled which was the improper thing to do. I was told that a better solution would've been to leave the phone on it's own account if it were going to be this way. By cancelling the account (without my knowledge) I didn't receive an updated bill and it cut me off from access on my phone. There's about five different ways that this could've been avoided. There needs to be more accountability for potential rogue sales people or mistakes made by agents of which you've had employees admit to. Hopefully we can find a solution to this.


    I hate to be that guy, and I've never been that guy before, but if we can't, I'm fortunate to have a moderate social media following (about 50k+) that I'm willing to push this story out to. More effectively, several of my friends have far more reach than I do as they have hundreds of thousands of followers each.I don't want to take this step because it's obnoxious, but it tends to be that companies are more proactive when you can publicly expose them to the masses. And this entire ordeal has gotten out of hand. This is literally only a small portion. Other stuff, we've let go, moved on, and figured the larger stuff like my credit (which has been excellent) was more important to deal with.

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      • tmo_chris

        Hello ktime156


        Thank you so much for taking the time to post in our community. After reading through your post, I want to sincerely apologize for all the trouble you have had to endure. I know that getting a letter/call from a collection agency is the last thing anyone ever wants to have to deal with. In this situation, we are going to need to take a thorough look at your accounts to see what specifically went wrong so that we can start the process of making it right. Here on a community forum, we do not have the ability to access customer accounts as the community is primarily for user to user conversations with the community manager team (such as myself) stepping in to help were we can.


        Since you mentioned you are pretty active on Social, I think that the best course of action for you would be send a private message to our T-Force team either on Facebook or Twitter (links in my signature) as they will be able to pull up and verify your old and new account and proceed with the investigation.