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    I have an account with 5 lines (one of legacy accounts), I wanted to enroll for Apple iPhone X BOGO deal. However, the process is so complicated and hard that I am having a hard time navigating to an "un-carrier" deal.


    I have 5 lines, 2 of lines I need to remove (line holders are leaving the country) and I want to port 1 line of my brother from AT&T. So, I will have a total of 4 lines. For this, I was looking at T-Mobile One option at 35$/line -- However, I am being told that if I remove lines, I cannot claim this offer. After the changes in lines, I want to apply for the BOGO iPhone X offer with a trade in.


    Per my understanding, this is not possible due to same strange fine prints. Now, I will have to get my brother to open a NEW account and then shift three lines from my current account to his account and close other two lines. Then, I will have to apply for BOGO offer.


    This whole process is extremely cumbersome, you are advertising everywhere that it is easy to add lines and you are the "un-carrier" organization. However, with these, frankly strange, level of fine print, I will have to go through many many hoops to get simple work done. The end result is the same, you are just adding many many many more steps to the process. I would like to see if you can escalate this and simply the whole process.

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      • dragon1562

        Re: T-Mobile One + iPhone X BOGO

        This forum is mainly made up of your fellow peers. Their are a few admin who lack the ability to make account level changes. Your best bet would be working with T-force ether over the phone or via social media. I like the social media option as it keeps the whole conversation accountable and makes communication more clear. I will say though that what you are doing is a bit of a odd circumstance for what the promo is actually ment to do which is why you may be running into some of these hoops and I feel that I am not the best person to talk to as far as legal jargon.


        That is why I believe your best course is to work directly with a T-mobile rep in ensuring this is feasible.