Galaxy S9 Trade-In Promotion Screen Damage Question


    According to the T-Mobile website, cracks are considered as damage to the screen. I’m trying to trade-in my S7 Edge for the S9 Plus on the new T-Mobile promotion. However, there are micro-scratches on my screen. Does T-Mobile consider micro-scratches different than cracks? Would this still be considered as screen damage and disqualify me from the trade-in promotion?

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      • dragon1562

        Micro scratches are generally consider normal wear and tear. Cracks are different from scratches in that the physical glass is actually shatter. So you should still be able to apply for the promo. If it is something that you are not sure about, I would take it into a physical location or post pics on here so that people can see what you are referring to as far as damage.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Hey, corbinjoshua! Just wanted to echo dragon1562's assertion here -- your best bet to be safe is going to be to bring it by a retail location where we can take a look. No one in our Community - neither customer nor employee! - wants to be the guy that says "yeah, sounds good" and winds up costing you this promo! Better safe than sorry when it comes to your $$$.
          I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread -- we'd like to direct any and all questions about the S9/S9+ pre-order and launch here: Official Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ Pre-order Thread -- that way all of our Community members and visitors can have the benefit of seeing everyone else's answers without having to hunt through the Community for all related questions.
          If there's anything else we can help you with, please ask away there!