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TMO Promotions


    Back on November 16, 2016 and November 20, 2016 TMO had (2) promotions. Here they are to refresh everyone's memory:

    One is for (2) FREE lines. The other is for the LG Gpad tablet for 24 monthly bill credits of $10.

    NO where does it say that they can NOT be combined. Since that date I have been charged $10 plus tax for the LG pad and $15 plus tax for the FREE lines.

    I have called and like other customers TMO does NOT call back and then they promise to take care of it. One (1) month they did, but its back on the next month's bill. That's why I finally have had enough. I have PAID my bill EVERY month and I am still NOT valued as a loyal customer. I am not asking for anything than what was promised. I don't want to speak to a supervisor that either I can't hear due to the background noise or someone in the Philippines. And saying that it would be "escalated" and that might take 2 billing cycles is not acceptable. Would someone please offer advice so that this can be resolved or should I just close my account with (5) lines and (2) other lines that are NOT FREE! .Thank you

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