Data roaming in France


    I have the T-Mobile ONE with ONE Plus International plan. I would like to learn more about data roaming at LTE speeds in Europe

    What data speed will I get in France?

    Do I need to purchase a Data Pass as International Data 10 Day - 1 GB for $20 to get full LTE speed?

    Do I need to enter a new APN while roaming in France?



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      • dragon1562

        Re: Data roaming in France

        When roaming in France you will receive speeds that are throttled down to 256Kbhps. This is usable for most basic tasks but not good enough to stream music and video over generally speaking. If you want full LTE speed data you will need to purchase the data passes. You also should not need to change any of the APN settings on the device. I hope the info helped.

          • drnewcomb2

            Re: Data roaming in France

            One important question is "What phone are you taking?" It's not always important but T-Mobile has sold some phones in recent years that are barely functional overseas (2G GSM only). If you have one of these phones (e.g. Samsung Galaxy Prime), paying for an international data pass will be a waste of money. OTOH, if you have a recent iPhone or higher-end Samsung, etc. enjoy your trip.

          • miket

            Re: Data roaming in France

            We have been on the old Simple plan that gave/gives you 110-112Kbps in most countries.  We could use Google maps almost all the time.  Was able to stream a football game (radio) in Hong Kong on way to airport.   256 s/b no problem.