My Galaxy Notes 4 (it was a Verizon and unblocked) works fine on T-Mobil  in the USA, data, mms, phone. But in MEXICO it will not connect to the Internet (data) as my wife and son t-mobil phones do.  Any specific setup to accomplish this?  I can use it for messages and calls but not for data unless on a wifi network or hotspoted to my wife or son phones.


    Help please and I Thank you



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      • dragon1562

        Re: NO MEXICO DATA

        It sounds like a device issue to me. Make sure that your APN settings are still correctly set up and try forcing a connection to a different roaming partner. Its possible that the Verizon device lacks the ability to properly roam due to some form of provisioning issue. Also I know this might seem obvious so forgive me for mentioning it but make sure Data roaming is turned on.


        Also if you know anyone with a local sim I would suggest trying it in the device. If a local sim still doesn't work inside the phone then there is a compatibility issue.

          • monito2525

            Re: NO MEXICO DATA

            Thank you for the reply.  Roaming is ON (can make phone calls and mmsgs), I have mirror what is on the two samsung t-mobil phones that workk fine there, but no luck.  I agree my notes 4 from Verizon for whatever reason will not connect or it is blocked.  went to a store with the question, but my 12 year old son knows more about cells  than those in the store.