Where can the "digital prepaid MasterCard" be used?


    Current Carrier Freedom  (Carrier Freedom™ ) customers receive reimbursement via "a digital prepaid MasterCard."


    What kind of card is this? It's not clear on T-Mobile's support site, not on MasterCard's web site. For example, how can this card be used to buy groceries at Walmart, Kroger, Trader Joe's and elsewhere? Or, is using the card -- because it is virtual -- not possible at those locations?


    Even Amazon has restrictions on prepaid cards.


    Hey, T-Mobile -- Carrier Freedom looks much less attractive when there is so much ambiguity and confusion about how to use the reimbursement!

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      • tmo_amanda

        That's great feedback, magenta2738723! I'm sure having these terms available online would be super helpful and I'm happy to pass this along.


        Where can it be used? Can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted, including internationally (foreign rates and fees may apply).


        Grocery shopping with the virtual card - If the grocery stores you shop at have in-store pick-up, you can order them online with the virtual card. I personally use the Wal-Mart grocery pick-up and they don't ask to see the physical card I used when I pick-up the groceries. I believe Kroger does the same thing.



        Please let me know if this addresses all of your questions or if you have any more that I can answer.

          • magenta2738723

            Thanks for the response!


            Actually, I have suggestions:

            1. let the customer choose which type of prepaid MasterCard to receive, nondigital or digital.
            2. Or, provide an option and documented process to exchange the digital version for a physical card.
            3. consider providing a T-Mobile Support document about how to actually use the "digital prepaid MasterCard" because MasterCard has zero information about how to use the "digital prepaid MasterCard" on their website (or, it's hidden where Google searches couldn't find it)


            In my experience, there are many thousands of merchants who do not accept payment for products or services using a digital wallet. At the physical point of sale in the store, Kroger, Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart, etc do not accept digital wallet smartphone-based payment methods like Apple Pay and others.


            Online ordering should not be the only way to use the "digital prepaid MasterCard" -- it makes the reimbursement method appear to be crippled compared to a physical card that could be used almost anywhere . . . and that impression does not encourage customer satisfaction.

          • dragon1562

            I believe you can also add the virtual card to things like Samsung pay so in turn you can use the card just about anywhere.

            • magenta6140761

              How can you check your balance on your digital card?