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    I walked into T-mobile store yesterday morning with the purpose of buying two new phones. There were two agents in the store, and one was taking care of another customer when I walked in. The second agent approached me and asked if he can help, and I told him that I'm interested in buying one or two android phones. I had questions about the different promos, and asked for the differences between LG phone, SG8 and the new SG9. The agent said he is new to the store, and asked the first agent about the promo differences. She asked me to wait a few minutes and promised to take care of me once she finishes with the other customer. I waited patiently, and she became available approximately 20 minutes later. In the meantime, another customer, who she knew by his first name, walked into the store. When the agent became available, she approached me and I asked her again about the different android promotion. She then printed out the different promos, handed them to me, and moved on to help the other customer she knew. I told her that I have questions so she directed the intern (second agent) to answer my questions. Since he didn't know most of the answers, I had to wait again and again for him to go to her to get some answers. And she was obviously busy with the new customer so she didn't respond immediately and told him to wait. After 20 minutes like that, I gave up and left the store without buying the new phone(s).

    I'm your customer with 6 active lines for almost six years. I don't understand why a customer who walks in after me, gets service before me. I spent an hour in your store without getting answers. If printing promo pages is considered to be your service, I don't think I ever need to walk-in again to your store.


    Just to be clear, the agent in training tried to do his best to support me. But the other agent who asked me to wait for her to begin with, decided to move forward and take care a customer who walked-in at least 20 minutes after me. I assume she did that because she knew him, but I honestly don't understand why she thought printing out promos is a sufficient service.


    I will buy the two new android phones anyway because I need them. But I just won't buy them from T-mobile.


    The store address is: 730 N New Ballas Rd, Creve Coeur, MO 63141


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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Store complaint

        Hello Hila,


        I am terribly sorry that you had such a poor experience in our store Please know that we would be very sad to see you go after so many years because of this! I want to make sure that the appropriate feedback is given to the store so I am going to send you a private message to gather some additional information.

        • amink1

          Re: Store complaint

          T-Mobile Service becoming horrible day by day. Once they have you as a customer, I feel as they do not care anymore.

          I have been with them for 5+ years but they would not help me with an exchange for a phone I purchased from them two days back without a fee

            • tmo_chris

              Re: Store complaint

              Hey there! It sounds like you are being charged a restocking fee, is that right? If so, there should be no fee if the device is malfunctioning. If you are returning the phone for a different phone or different color/size, the fee would be valid.