trying to set up a t-mobile account from out of the country

    I live part time in Costa Rica. I got a prepaid T-Mobile plan when I was in Orlando last month, but didn't sign up for the T-Mobile App. Now, when I try to set it up in CR, they won't let me set it up without a code sent by them via SMS. However, I am not receiving SMS on my new Android phone. I also cannot seem to call the help number. Android is new to me and I have gone through the settings thinking I need to enable Roaming or something, but it is greyed out and I can't see where to enable it.  I try to start a chat on this type of page, but they always require you log in first, which is very frustrating as that is the problem.


    Please help, I will not be in the states again until the summer and meanwhile, I have no idea if I owe money or how to pay it. Thanks, Helga

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