iPhone not sending mms when Android in group


    I have a very strange problem that hopefully I can get some help with.


    We are on a T-Mobile family plan.  My wife and daughter each have an iPhone 7 with the latest iOS.  I have a Samsung Galaxy S7.  I've never had my number on an iPhone.


    We had group message going with about 12 phones, probably 10 iPhones and 2 Androids.  When my wife sent a message to the group, everyone received it except my daughter and me.  My wife received group messages that were sent by either my daughter or me.


    To do some additional testing, my wife sent a group message to just my daughter and me.  Not received by either of us.  Either of us can send a group message to my wife and she gets that.  Tested with my other daughter who has an iPhone 7 as well and same results.


    Looked in settings->messages and both my wife's and daughter's phones have the same options.


    I'm at a total loss as to why my daughters can send a group text with my android in it, but my wife can't.  And why did other iPhones in the large group text receive my wife's messages, but not my daughter's iPhone?


    Anyone have any ideas?

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