I switched from AT&T to T-Mobile under the #CarrierFreedom promotion. As part of the promotion, T-Mobile promised to reimburse me for the remaining device installment agreement with AT&T up to $650 per device, up to four lines, via prepaid MasterCard. I did precisely that.



    I've reached out to T-mobile to receive my MasterCards for over eight months with no positive reply. T-Mobile has been both unresponsive or outright negligent, and I feel powerless, deceived, and cheated. I've emailed the Carrier Freedom Team countless times, starting about eight months ago, and have received no response to date. After refusing to continue to be turned away to email the Carrier Freedom team, I finally reached a Customer Service Representative who agreed to look at my case. This representative claimed that the payment delay was an error on T-Mobile's part and promised that my case would be resolved and the MasterCards would be sent within two business days. I just needed to send one more email to the Carrier Freedom team. Yes, that's right, the team that was yet to reply to any of my previous requests. Well, I sent the email as instructed. Two days turn into months, during which I call periodically to get an update on the status of my case. Every time, I am told that my case is in 'processing' and a supervisor is yet to review it. Finally, I reach a representative who takes minimal pity on me and alleges to place an alert on my case to expedite supervisor processing. More time passes with no action or communication from T-mobile. I email again with no response and decide to call their customer service team one more time. This time the representative tells me that there is nothing that T-Mobile can do. They will not provide the prepaid cards. What's worse, the customer service representative claims to me that this deal I am claiming never existed and said there was no such promotion where T-mobile would buy me out of a device installment agreement. Nevermind that they are still offering some iteration of that deal today. She claims not to understand why a store manager would ever have promised me that T-Mobile would provide payment up to $650  per line that I transferred. She refuses my request to transfer me to a superior or provide direct contact information for the superior. The customer agent was condescending and spoke to me as if I was less than human. Despicable.



    All the while T-Mobile was dodging their customer commitment, AT&T was harassing me for the final payment. During this time, AT&T sent bill into collections with the addition of lawyer's fees and interest, almost tripling the amount due to $10,000. My credit score is ruined, and I am on the hook for $10K because T-Mobile made a false promise of buying me out of my previous AT&T contract. The worst part of this all was that I would have never made the switch if the T-Mobile store manager did not promise me that the transition would be seamless and the payment cards for me to close out my AT&T bill would be swift. T-Mobile has the worst customer service team and experience. Do not believe their lies and make the switch; T-Mobile and John Legere need to prove that they can make things right with me their existing customers.

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      • tmo_marissa


        Hey, onatunde. Let me start by saying that this is an absolutely terrible thing to read -- I'm so sorry that you went through this. I can't imagine waiting for almost a year to receive a promotion payout that should have taken a few months at most.
        I can't speak to what misinformation was provided, but you're right that we've offered Carrier Freedom for quite some time and still do offer Carrier Freedom today! You can find details here: Carrier Freedom™ -- I know that the promotion's undergone some changes, so your eligibility requirements would depend on when you initially activated, ported your lines over, purchased your T-Mobile phones, and submitted your final bill. There was a trade-in requirement prior to May 31st of last year, but based on your 8 month timeline I believe you would have been in the clear for that -- so as long as you purchased new phones on EIP, completed your port-ins, and submitted your final bill from your previous carrier on the T-Mobile Carrier Freedom site within 30 days of activating with us, you should be eligible. If all of those requirements sound like a good description of the process you followed, then I definitely think this merits another look!
        Our Support Community is a public user forum, but if reaching out online is a good fit for you, then our T-Force team should be able to review your account and see what's happened here! They're active on social media, and through Facebook Message or DM on Twitter, we can verify your account information and look at the circumstances of your switch and try to get to the bottom of what happened with your submissions.
        Regarding the Carrier Freedom email address, I sincerely apologize - as far as I know, the only email for the Carrier Freedom team is solely for instances where submissions online aren't possible, and is a no-reply email box. I would love to get some more information on the email address that you used so that we can make sure that information is called out clearly for our internal teams and we're not setting expectations that customers will receive a response from this email. I'm going to send a private message your way, if you wouldn't mind sharing that email address with me -- please take a look in your inbox in a moment.
        I know that this has been quite a struggle and can appreciate that it seems like all hope is lost here. I sincerely hope you'll take the opportunity to reach out to T-Force and make absolutely certain that there's not a way we can make this right. I can't make any guarantees but I know that there are some escalation processes that our internal teams can use depending on the circumstances!

        No matter what, thank you for taking the time to post and share your experience here. We absolutely wish it had been a better one, but we appreciate the feedback.


        - Marissa

          • onatunde




            Thank you for responding to me.


            The folks with whom I spoke gave me the impression that the carrier freedom team would respond to me. Additionally, I went into a T-mobile store when I transitioned my account to T-mobile and ported over the phone numbers. I spoke with the supervisor of the T-Mobile store in San Francisco on Van Ness - I still have his name, but I won't post it here. He told me that I was all set and never said I would need to trade-in my phone. I asked him what I needed to do several times. I'd been with AT&T since 2008, and I wanted to make sure that all the details of transferring to T-Mobile were ironed out. He said I was all set and there was nothing else that I would need to do but submit my final bill.


            I was upfront about where we were with AT&T. It is not my fault that no one indicated that I needed to trade in our old phones. Even when I submitted the carrier freedom paperwork, no one emailed me or called me to request that I trade-in our old phones. All I received was complete radio silence, and now my name is in collections. I would like T-Mobile to make this right. I am not comfortable reaching out on twitter or facebook - I don't use either form of social media. Can you all provide someone to look into this case and work on it specifically for me?

              • magenta2738723

                Re: T-MOBILE CARRIER FREEDOM

                Hmmm, maybe there's some confusion what "reimburse" means?  ("You can receive reimbursements for your device, for your plan, or for both.") 


                By definition, reimburse means to repay an amount previously paid. (Reimbursement | Define Reimbursement at Dictionary.com))


                If AT&T came after you for collections, that means either (a) AT&T made a mistake in their billing, a mistake that would not be T-Mobile's responsibility to resolve; or, (b) there was an outstanding balance that wasn't eligible for reimbursement because it had not been paid.


                Under the current terms for Carrier Freedom, T-Mobile doesn't directly pay off Next payment plans. Instead, the customer pays off the plans and then gets reimbursed up to $650 per device by T-Mobile. Because the program is based on "reimbursements," T-Mobile doesn't provide the money to pay off AT&T, Verison, or Sprint.

                • tmo_amanda

                  Re: T-MOBILE CARRIER FREEDOM

                  Hey, onatunde!


                  I appreciate you getting back to us. It sounds like this has been a big headache for you and we want to help get this figured out with you. I understand that contacting us via social media isn't in the cards for you - which is okay. The reason we pointed you in that direction is because not only will you have a "paper trail" of conversation with us but you'll also be working with an elite team that can get to the bottom of the issue with you. This is a primarily a peer-to-peer forum and as Community Managers, we do not have secure access to accounts. We cannot assign your case to a specific person but we still want this resolved ASAP. When was the last time you worked with Customer Care? If you can't work with our Social Media Customer Care team, the best option from there is to get in contact with Customer Care again.