Who do I complain to for terrible tech service


    I want an address I can write and email to. I had a terrible run around from tech service and am extremely unhappy. I will terminate my business service if this is not resolved promptly.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Who do I complain to for terrible tech service

        Oh no! We don't want to lose you! I am terribly sorry that you had a poor experience with our tech support team. What specifically happened? I would love the opportunity to help you with anything I can.

          • zehyani

            Re: Who do I complain to for terrible tech service


            This is the issue. I would like to make this a formal complaint and ask someone from your compliance division to address it.


            I switched from Verizon to Tmobile. All phones are compatible and work.We have very poor cell service at our location. This is chronic and occurs with all carriers.T Mobile sent us a cell spot that uses cell service. This did not work at all.We returned this to the store we got our service from, and they gave us another unit that would act as a cell tower and send signals out through our broadband modem via a phone line.This device will not register with T mobile as they have the old cell spot listed.

            I called customer service who transferred to Tech support.They stated the following.

            1.  They could not take this off my account till it was back in the warehouse. Giving it back to the store does not count.2.  They wanted me to wait till it is back then request them to send out another device.

            this is unacceptable to me.

            1.  I have had terrible cell service since Feb 18, when I got the account.2. At this rate it will be a month till i have a semblance of service at this location.


            I want to clarify that the T mobile store in St. Louis Park that got me the service has been exemplary and has worked very hard to try and resolve this. They have made a heroic attempt, but then get stuck when talking to customer service.

            What can you do to fix this?





              • tmo_chris

                Re: Who do I complain to for terrible tech service

                Oh my goodness! This is definitely not the way we want to you start service with us! Returning the device to the store should have it immediately removed from your account. I think the issue we are running into here is purely a system glitch which we can totally fix. We would however need to access your account to do so but here on a user to user community forum, we do not have customer account access. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can use the links in my signature to message our T-Force team and they will be able to pull up your account and get this glitch sorted out so you can use the cellspot device.


                As far as a formal complaint, if this is something that you would still like to pursue, our customer relations team is going to be the best way to submit this. You can find the mailing address on our Contact Us page under "Addresses"

            • zehyani

              Re: Who do I complain to for terrible tech service

              I want to correct/update this. T-Mobile's T force team worked with me to resolve this issue effectively. I found going to tech support via this forum and then facebook got me the online help I needed. Thank you all. I do not need to make a formal complaint.