How can I get Android 5.0 on my Galaxy S4

    I need Android 5.0 to use the app to connect to my new Subaru. How can I get it on my S4

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      • shelbyfan

        As your phone is four years old the only way to update now is by doing custom ROMs.

        Your best bet is to buy a new phone with modern software and hardware. You can find really good new phones for under $300 from a lot of different manufacturers.

        • tmo_mike_c

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          I'm only seeing that this phone goes up to 4.4.4. If you're looking to change this software using other means, it could damage the phone and void any warranty you have on it. In this case, it might be a better option to get a new phone as suggested above.

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          • dragon1562

            Others have already mentioned this as well but the phone is no longer supported. Now since you are out of warranty on the device there is no real harm in trying to update it yourself. However, I would advise against it since I am sure there is info on the device that you would not want to lose. By buying a new device you will gain access to better coverage with T-mobile and performance across the board. That in my humble opinion is the best option. I can even suggest devices that fit your price range and needs.

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