Trying to port my number to T-mobile, no end in sight




    I have been trying to port a number since over a month now and despite going through everything, I am still going back and forth with my old carrier and T Mobile.


    It's a frustrating process that I cannot believe that I have to go through this hell of a process. The T-mobile reps have cookie cutter responses and they are not even able to connect me to a supervisor or an expert to deal with the problem. I have been trying to port the number from Teleblend (aka Linar Networks LLC), a reseller of Broadvox to Tmobile. T-mobile rep says they receive a response that customer information does not match, but the info is exactly as it appears on my invoice from my current provider and as suggested by current provider to use for number transfer. I have read my account details to T-mobile reps over 30 times in the last 30 days. I don't even know if they are even trying to call my current provider (Broadvox) or other. They must have been through this process a million times for other customers and should have been informed of how to sort this out.


    I have no idea what to do!


    Is there anyone who can tell me whom to reach out to for this porting to be escalated? It would be of great help!

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