Iphone vs Galaxy Note8


    I have always had an Iphone and can't imagine switching but really like the Galaxy Note8 and considering switching...has anyone gone form Iphone to Galaxy8?

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      • dragon1562

        Re: Iphone vs Galaxy Note8

        I personally use both. In my humble opinion the Note 8 is better from a hardware perspective. It also allows for more functionally. Iphones however tend to age better. So if you are the type of person to use a phone for 3+ years stick with Apple but if you are willing to upgrade every 2 or so years then you will have a pretty amazing time.


        Its also important to note that the Note 8 is better suited to take advantage of the T-mobile network from a wireless standpoint. So if you live in a urban area like New York you will probably see better LTE speeds on a device like the note compared to the iphone. I don't think right now is a good time to upgrade on ether side though so if you can wait for the S9 or the next I phone, that is what I would do.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Iphone vs Galaxy Note8

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          Looks like you got some great info from dragon already. Did you still need some help at all? Are you still thinking of making the switch?