Can I bring over a "walmart family mobile" phone, [powered by TMobile]?




    Can "Walmart Family Mobile" phones, that are "powered by TMob" phones be brought over, w/o fees, to the age-old $30/month Walmart Pre-paid, TMob plan?



    Probably close to a decade ago, I joined the walmart $30/month pre-paid plan [100 min, unlimited data, unlimited text].

    I only joined because I was required by my employer to have a cell phone, for times I was scheduled to be "On Call".

    [Initially, like 10+ years ago,  I had several of the old NET10 pre-paid phones, which EACH included an el-cheapo flip phone PLUS 300 FREE min, for 60 days]

    I had found the net10's at a kmart store for just $5.00 each. The cool part was that each phone INCLUDED 300/min & 60/days service. 

    Luckily, I went through all  10 of those phones, before my management became angry about my phone number CHANGING every 60 days. It meant they had to RE-print the ONCALL LIST every 60 days, then RE-distribute that listing to like 100 people]


    So I then moved to Tmobile's walmart $30/mon plan.(the cheapest plan at the time, for folks that didn't even want cell phone to begin with).

    I've been through a few phone replacements, during  my TMob plan, 1 due to actual defect issues. The others due to their becoming  outright sluggish [so much so I would have thrown against a wall a few times, then smashed with a sledgehammer, and finally ran over with my F-150. (until I remembered how much I had paid for them. Which prevented me from destroying them in anger).

    I ultimately did a Cleaning and RESET, removing all personal data. Then donated the working-but-sluggish TMob compatible phones [minus the SIM card] to a local rescue mission, for use by low-income folks.



    A year or two go I bought a Galaxy Core Prime phone, via the TMobile store, during a holiday sale (I think it was).

    The price was like $25 or $29 (regularly $99).  Overall, for a fairly inexpensive phone, it has performed quite well.


    But, as with a lot of phones, memory was only like 8GB and 1GB RAM.

    Naturally you add a few apps and that WHAM!  You've "hit the wall" and cannot load any more apps unless you first remove one or more.



    I few months back, I came across a Walmart Family Mobile, SAMSUNG GALAXY AVANT, G386T phone, powered by TMob, at a walmart store.

    It was on clearance and brand new, still sealed in original box.


    Recently my current Samsung core prime has been etting slower and slower.

    So then today, I did a side by side features comparison on a website. The Avant has 16GB storage vs the core prime's 8GB.

    Ram inside of the core prime is 1GB vs. Avant with 1.5GB.

    I've used several brands of phones with my TMob $30/month pre-paid plan and so far, samsung phones have performed the best for me [I've used LG, nokia, samsung and 1 or 2 other brands)




    1. Both my current Core Prime and the (prospective) Samsung AVANT phones are powered by the TMobile network. Which for my needs has pretty decent coverage in the areas I live and commute.


    2. Both have LTE, are Quad-core CPU powered, nearly the same physical and screen size, and a few other common features.


    3. Since the AVANT is "powered by TMob", does it require an UNLOCK code from "Walmart family Mobile"?

    a. Or can I just drop in my current, existing, working, SIM card (out of the samsung galaxy prime) ?

    b. Will the new phone will simply start working?

    c. Are there any fees for UNlocking the Samsung Avant, if "family Mobile" does not want to unlock it for Free?

    d. Are there any dependable and legit Online Unlocking services? (I've heard of such places that will UNlock almost any phone, provided you pay them a fee to do so)?


    4. Or, am I stuck with "Activating" the phone for it's "Minimum timeframe", then transferring it over to my existing Tmob $30/month plan?


    Thanks in advance to everyone that has a comment and/or answer.

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