Question about T-Mobile One offer ($140 for 4 lines) for current T-Mobile Simple Choice customer


    So I'm a current T-Mobile customer w/ Simple Choice and I'm looking to take advantage of the 4 T-Mobile One lines for $35/each offer. Currently, 2 of my lines are locked into EIP's, 2 are not (phones are paid off). If I were to switch to T-Mobile One and add a line to get the free line offer, would I then be able to cancel my 2 old extra lines but keep the phone numbers associated with them? To clarify/recap, taking advantage of the offer would mean adding 2 lines, resulting in my account having 6 lines in total. I only need 4, so I'm hoping to then cancel the 2 older lines. Again my question is whether I can I cancel them and still keep the phone numbers associated with them?



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