Employees using my lines to order new phones


    On 25 Jan 2018 and 09 Feb 2018 my family was hit with fraud. Two phones were ordered without our knowledge. One is a IPhone 8 and the other one is an IPhone 8 plus. My daughter was notified on 25 Jan because her line was used for an upgrade. She received a text message letting her know that a master card payment of $690.00 was processed. My daughter called the customer service and filed a fraud complaint. She was told that someone from the Fraud Department was going to call her back. Well as it turned out a fraud complaint wasn’t filed. On 2 Feb she called back and was told that the complaint was closed, and they were going to reverse the charges for the phone and all related charges. Well my daughter kept her eye on the account and noticed that they never adjusted anything. She called again on 8 Feb and they told her again that they were going to reverse the charges and still hadn’t. The next day 9 Feb, we (as in she and I) received a text message thanking us for another new phone. That afternoon I called and spoke with a representative to let them know that there was another phone bought on our account and I was told to not worry about it they will reverse the charges. I told him that I wanted to file a fraud complaint. I was then told that the phones were ordered from the same store and the fraud department was looking into that store. He then took my information and said that I was going to receive a phone call. I have yet to receive a call. On 12 Feb the phone shipped and on 14 Feb the phone was delivered. We then get a text message on 17 Feb that T Mobile was unable to process the monthly payment and we needed to update our auto pay settings. Who changed our auto pay settings? No one in my family made that change. I looked at the account history and saw a “Thank you for ordering an IPhone 8 via customer service”. So now that makes me think that someone called in. We have a note on our account that supposed to let the rep know to call either me, my wife, or daughter before any purchases. That change was supposed to have taken effect on 25 Jan when my daughter spoke with the customer service rep. Then the phone was bought on 9 Feb. My wife called last night 20 Feb to find out more about the text we received and ask who changed our auto pay. The customer service rep that she spoke to told her that she needed to provide another credit card. My wife asked why she should give up more information after an employee has already used our identity to purchase 2 phones and changed our account. I am not sure what happened with that person, but she then talked to a person names Joshua, then to Joseph who was a supervisor, and finally to Dorian, P who was a flor supervisor. We asked that we be provided with the names and locations of the employees for we can add the names on the police report or forgive our bill until we know that the fraud has been taken care of. We have restricted our account as much as we can and it not us. It’s the employees. They have access to our account and they have used it twice. If anyone can give me a number to the Fraud department or to the corporate office. The customer service reps are victimizing the victims. We have had a breach of our PII. When I looked at the documents today 21 Feb I did notice that there was a $690.00 reversal on 17 Feb, but not the other credits. We want this fixed because we have been customers for a very long time. Can anyone help me resolve this problem? We are tired of explaining the same thing with no resolution or help.

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        Yikes this is terrible mp1996 !


        Protecting your account is a huge deal and we want you to feel comfortable when you're calling in to make any changes. I do believe this can be resolved and properly escalated. You should try reaching out to our T-Force team using the social media links on our Contact Us page. They do have access to your account but they will make sure that they thoroughly go over what happened and get you the help you need. They will make sure your account is taken care of securely and you can even link them to this thread so you don't have to repeat your story. When you get the chance, you should definitely give them a shot.

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          This same thing just happened to me in March.  They did 2 Iphone 8 plus and 1 iphone 8.  I called and they are suppose to be filing the fraud report.  Mine was setup and a monthly payment plan for all 3  lines even though none of the phones were activated.  The person even did the order in the store.  I looked in my account history online under documents and it shows that it happened at the tmobile store in Richmond, Va.  It even shows the register number and employee id number.  Someone also used my debit card that was saved on my tmobile account to pay a totally different tmobile account.  I am beginning to wonder how secure my information is with tmobile.