My PPU (Primary Place of Use) was changed increasing bill by $12


    So when I got my latest bill it increased by $12 ,it turns out 3 out of 4 lines on my account had a $4 fee added.Baltimore City Telecom use fee ,but I hadn’t moved and am never in Baltimore City.On those 3 lines ’County 911” was changed to “Local 911’,I called the telephone help line and she directed me to petition Baltimore City (gave me a fax number and everything),so after messaging T-mobile I found out they changed my PPU.The charge is listed under T-Mobile charges also not government charges.The person stated they will look into this,iI had my account for almost 2 years and this just got changed.The only thing that makes sense is somehow Wi-Fi calling is picking up a server in Baltimore City (even though my 911 address -billing address is no where near Baltimore City).T-mobile Billing is a disaster ,I been double billed and charged,they never seem to get my monthly credits on my promo phones correct and now this.If they don’t change their mistake,my only way out is to move to another carrier .

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